~♡ Here to turn your wildest fantasies into your original erotica ♡~

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I cater to a wide variety of NSFW content that range from sensual and vanilla to rough, dark and extreme. My imagination traverses easily from sweet romance to the unspeakable.  There’s no need to fear crossing a line/limits with me. At the end of the day, it’s all harmless fiction and fantasy~

I’m a casual gamer girl and fan of anime/manga as well and am happy to write erotic fanfics based on games/series that I’m familiar with. Otherwise… Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern/Contemporary…the setting is up to you! BDSM, LGBTQ, MILF, Multiple Partners, Furry/Anthro, Futanari/Dickgirls…not sure if I cater to your fetish/kink? Just ask!

Tell me your ideas, share the filthy fantasies you wish fulfilled, and I’ll spin it into your perfect tale of debauchery.

Please provide me with any specific details you’d like included. This will help ensure that the end product is something you’ll be thrilled with.

I hope my words turn you on ♡

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Content does not have to be NSFW. Happy to write SFW stories as well.

For my commission prices, please refer to my Ko-fi. If you’d like a story that is longer than 5.000 words, simply message me to discuss details and pricing.

Disclaimer: I retain all rights to works written by me. If you’d like me to GHOSTWRITE for you, my pricing begins at 5 cents per word depending on topic and amount of research required.

You can email me at or DM me via Discord at Sweet Satine#2735 (Please note that I generally don’t accept random friend requests. Feel free to either join my Discord server or just DM me directly!)