The Sexcapades of Cassidy & Annalise

“Don’t you ever get bored?”

I blinked in surprise, the unexpected question rousing me from my contemplative trance. Turning away from my computer, I glanced over my shoulder. My body followed the motion as my chair swiveled slowly to complete the action. Facing the open door to my study, I cocked my head to the side, quirking my eyebrows curiously at my bestie. 

Annalise stood in the entrance, leaning against the doorway in her black tank top and red short shorts. One hand perched against the curve of her waist, her other arm was hidden behind the wall. Short and svelte, her body language and demeanor told me that my redheaded housemate was bored and looking for conversation.

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Inebriated Epiphany

Patrick Henry cursed for the thousandth time as he stormed out of his manor, a stream of muttered unpleasantries wafting behind him. “Damned father of mine. Married. Married! And to a prude of a woman no less!” 

It had been three months since the previous Earl of Wilshire had passed and left his sole heir, Patrick, with a will stating his desire that the Henry family join hands with the Merills. A man who lived for the pleasantries in life, Patrick had never intended to return home, much less settle down. He was only twenty-eight for gods sake!

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