Breeding Natalia

Nathaniel Geller had been a young, up-and-coming salesman at MedZ who’d shown great potential. In just a few years, he made his way from ambitious college graduate to savvy junior manager. Risky ventures that others were skeptical of luckily always seemed to turn out successfully with Nathaniel’s assurances – so far, his “hunches” have never been wrong. His seemingly effortless rise in position was met with both admiration and envy by his peers. It seemed like nothing, and no one, would be able to stop the enterprising entrepreneur. 

That is, until a certain business dinner with a representative from PharmaX. While Nathaniel’s string of successful start-ups were all underdogs with, some would say, shady supporters, even he knew when to hedge his bets. This would be the third time he’s turned down PharmaX but he certainly wasn’t complaining. Steak and lobster dinners on their dime? Keep em coming! It wasn’t going to change his answer.

It was a surprise when dinner ended and the PharmaX representative responded to his polite, but firm, denial with nothing more than a mild-mannered nod. Instead he asked, “I hope you enjoyed your dinner Mr. Geller.” A puzzling reply under the circumstances, but yes, he had enjoyed the food. 

The PharmaX man rested his elbows on the table, interlaced fingers supported his chin while his eyes gazed intently at Nathaniel. “You’ve continually denied my proposals, citing it as too risky, the science being too unpredictable, inhumane even. Well Mr. Geller, to prove just how safe and effective our products are, you should soon be feeling the effects of our highly recommended aphrodisiac…”

That night was the beginning of Nathaniel’s rebirth.

He’d left his house that morning a confident man, self-assured in his own ego and masculinity. Never in his dreams did he ever expect to return home that night as a well-used cumdump sissy slut. The night began with a half-hearted struggle as the PharmaX representative’s “colleagues” manhandled him. The aphrodisiac made his body so hot, hypersensitive to every little touch. It made a cool waft of air feel like sensual kisses against his skin.

There was almost no need for restraints, his body had its own agenda even though part of his mind was still trying to understand the surreal situation. “It’s time for you to learn your place Mr. Geller.” He learned so much that night. Learned how to breathe while a thick cock was shoved down his throat, learned just how long he could go without air before he inevitably blacked out, learned that his holes were meant to be drilled and filled with hot loads of cum.

PharmaX took a treasure trove of photos and video of the night’s debauched festivities. Nathaniel with his arms bound helplessly behind his back, the letters “SL” and “UT” written on each asscheek while a veiny shaft stretched his virgin hole mercilessly. Nathaniel with his eyes practically rolled back, a cock buried balls deep in his mouth while a hand wraps around his throat to further choke him. Nathaniel with crimson lipstick, one edge smeared comically across his cheek, wearing a cute, frilly skirt and thigh-high stockings, teetering on impossibly high heels while a leash tied around the base of his cock and balls tugged him forwards. Nathaniel lying prone on a bed, a tangled mess of limp limbs, cum speckling his body and oozing out of his stretched ass, a dazed expression on his glazed face.

Over the next few months, under PharmaX’s careful supervision, Nathaniel slowly blossomed into Natalia. As PharmaX’s special guinea pig, he experienced first-hand the seemingly magical transformations PharmaX’s products delivered. Under their strict regimen of hormones, sissification and bimbo training, he learned how to both act and look more feminine. Eventually, he was no longer a sissy boy crossdressing in women’s clothes. His body slowly softened, rounded. The chiseled lines of his features became supple curves that filled out into a modest hourglass. With his hair grown out in soft waves past his shoulders, no one would’ve guessed that Nathaniel lurked beneath those pouty lips.

Despite his body’s changes, despite his life slowly shifting from Nathaniel to Natalia, there was one constant reminder of his past life. What his PharmaX handlers fondly referred to as his clit.

Good thing PharmaX had a procedure to fix that! 

One “minor surgery” later and Natalia was all woman. She graduated from mere guinea pig to company mascot, and as the company mascot she had one job and one job only – to keep up company morale. “Do you understand, Natalia, my pet? All you have to do is keep everyone happy. We don’t want anything to be distracting our employees from their work. So be a good little slut and unburden them of their…frustrations.”

What started as one handjob a day soon became one blowjob a day. It escalated to sex once a week, but high demand meant she was being fucked on the regular. Having to entertain just one dick at a time became a luxury. Instead, she was regularly used by a small group. She learned how to multitask; to keep pumping with her fists without stopping her hips while a hard cock slurped in and out of her throat as her modest breasts were vigorously kneaded and roughly squeezed together around another slick schlong. It didn’t take long before Natalia, the beloved company whore, everyone’s favorite cumdump, was available for free use to the company employees at all times – conscious or not. 

PharmaX’s most ambitious project came to fruition only a mere few months later and it didn’t take long for their breakthrough to make headlines: First transgender woman to “naturally” become pregnant! 

Now, having given birth to a boy and a girl, Natalia’s face is a well-known household name. Natalia, in the third trimester of her third pregnancy, perky tits swollen as cum slowly dribbles out her ass and down the inside of her thighs while on the red carpet for PharmaX receiving a Nobel Prize for their achievements…

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