Breaking Jill

This story is a fanfic based on the Resident Evil 3 game. Enjoy~!

WARNING: This story involves mutated bugs/parasites, mild watersports and scat, as well as breeding. Read at your own discretion.

– – – – –

“Three more days. Then I can kiss this town goodbye.”

Jill couldn’t believe those words had left her mouth just a few hours ago. She’d nearly finished her investigation about Umbrella’s NEST facilities, though none of that mattered anymore…

It’d all started when she’d jolted awake from her recurring nightmare, only to discover that her nightmare had crossed over into reality in a very different, yet equally terrifying form. But the hulking undead…thing that had chased her out of her apartment wasn’t the only monster on the loose.

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Journey of a Harem King: Showcasing Rias

Please note that this fanfic is written based on when Rias has graduated high school (19 y/o) and married Issei (18 y/o).

Issei couldn’t help but smile at the familiar sight of Kuoh Academy as he turned the corner. 

His latest mission of hunting and destroying a fallen angel for the Gremory family had taken longer than expected. The tricky bastard had proven to be quite the adept sneak and had managed to get away several times before his untimely demise. 

It’s been nearly two weeks now since Rias had sent him off on his latest task. His phone had been destroyed during the chase and Issei was looking forward to hearing his cute fiance’s voice again, even if she spent the first five minutes scowling as she berated him for carelessness. She was so cute when she was pouting, he didn’t mind her nagging him.

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Home Alone

WARNING: This story involves underaged children (lolita/lolicon), rape and snuff. Read at your own discretion.

“And don’t forget to water the plants dear.”

“I know mom, don’t worry about it okay?” I gently, but firmly, continued to guide my fussing mother towards the front door. 

“There’s plenty of food in the fridge. If you need anything, give us a call and we’ll be home as soon as we can.”

“I got it mom,” a bit of exasperation trickled into my voice. “Will you go have a good time already? Dad’s probably gonna leave without you.” As if on cue, a car horn beeped impatiently outside.

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