Home Alone

WARNING: This story involves underaged children (lolita/lolicon), rape and snuff. Read at your own discretion.

“And don’t forget to water the plants dear.”

“I know mom, don’t worry about it okay?” I gently, but firmly, continued to guide my fussing mother towards the front door. 

“There’s plenty of food in the fridge. If you need anything, give us a call and we’ll be home as soon as we can.”

“I got it mom,” a bit of exasperation trickled into my voice. “Will you go have a good time already? Dad’s probably gonna leave without you.” As if on cue, a car horn beeped impatiently outside.

“Okay dear,” she leaned in for a hug goodbye as we finally reached the door. “You be good now alright? Take care of yourself and stay safe.” 

“Stop worrying and go enjoy your vacation. I’m an adult now, I can take care of myself.” I waved to their departing car until it turned at the end of the street before slamming the door closed. 

For the first time ever, my parents had left me home alone while they went on our annual two-week summer vacation by themselves. It’d taken a lot of planning to not only plant the idea in my parents’ minds but also for them to fully come around to embracing the idea. After all, now that I was 18, if they couldn’t trust me to take care of myself for two weeks, how would I possibly manage on my own during university once the fall semester began?

“Finally,” I said aloud to the empty house. Excitement trilled through me; I’d been eagerly awaiting this moment for the past few weeks, no, months even. Of course, I’d also had plenty of time to plan out exactly what I wanted to do and I had a whole list to work through – including throwing a full on house party Friday evening. But for now, it was time to indulge myself and enjoy my time alone…

Three hours and many orgasms later, I was rummaging through the fridge for a snack to satisfy my munchies. In the short time that I’d been home alone, I’d already concluded that I loved the freedom of being able to walk around butt naked. The latest porn video in my playlist was still playing on the living room’s 55-inch flat screen TV as I started assembling a sandwich. The steady stream of moans and other lewd sounds emanating from the living room was quickly becoming my preferred background noise. I hummed contentedly to myself while stacking layers of deli meat and cheese between bread, I even added a bit of leafy veg to appease the phantom nagging of my mom chiding me to eat my greens. 

Just as my delicious masterpiece was completed, the doorbell rang, startling me out of my blissful reverie. I scowled, annoyed that my peace and quiet had been disturbed. “No one’s home,” I muttered under my breath as I ignored the doorbell and instead quickly went into the living room to mute the television. It was probably a package being delivered, but just in case, the quiet should discourage anyone from lingering for too long.

I glanced at the TV and paused to watch for a bit, the sight of a tear-streaked blonde being thoroughly facefucked made my cock stir and I reached down to grip my growing chub. Even without sound, I watched, entranced, as her throat bulged from the girthy dick violating her mouth, saliva dribbling out in strands as her mascara smudged eyes started slowly rolling back into her head.

The doorbell rang again, and I cursed quietly under my breath. Who could it be? Quietly, I crept towards the front door but even before I looked through the peephole a familiar voice called out, followed by another ring of the doorbell this time accompanied with some loud knocking on the door. 

“Kyyyyle! Kyle, are you home? It’s me, Lara!” A stream of curses flowed through my mind, I didn’t even bother looking through the peephole and instead opted to plaster my naked body against the hallway. Better to not risk her knowing I was home. 

Lara lived down the street with her older sister, Stella. Stella and I have been in the same class since kindergarten. While Stella and I had a passing thing for each other, it never developed into anything past the occasional fling. We were still friends but never bothered to go out of our way to see each other.

That unfortunately didn’t apply to Lara. Six years younger than me, she constantly wanted my attention and would go out of her way to invite herself over. It was kind of cute to start with. I have to admit that I even liked the puppy love at first and found it flattering, but it quickly got out of hand as she turned into a nuisance. She was part of the reason why Stella and I never worked out; Lara was constantly getting in the way. 

“I guess he’s not home.” I visibly sagged with relief, only to perk up curiously when I heard another muffled voice reply softly. But it wasn’t worth alerting them to my presence just to find out who she was with. Instead, I waited until I heard the sound of their flip-flops fade before migrating back to the kitchen. Finally, I could enjoy my lunch and pick up where I left off with my playlist. 

Plodding barefoot back into the living room, plate of food in hand, I reached for the remote to unmute the TV when-

“Kyle!” I jumped in surprise, dropping my plate while also unmuting the TV at the same time. The unmistakable sound of squelching bodies slapping together accented with moaned screams of “More daddy, harder!” broke the silence as I looked over to the deck door and froze when I saw Lara and her best friend, Jessica, standing outside. 

Seeing Jessica, staring bashfully wide-eyed at me, her cheeks already starting to flush pink as she tried to shuffle away and hide behind Lara seemed to snap me back into action. “Christ, what the fuck Lara!” Anger bubbled over in my voice even as I covered myself with my hands while frantically searching around for my pants, or boxers, anything to hide myself from Lara’s prying eyes greedily gulping down the sight of my naked body.

“I knew you were home!” Lara crowed victoriously. Upon seeing just how mad I was, her tone quickly changed. “Sorry Kyle, we just wanted to use the pool.” The apology somehow seemed totally unapologetic. Her eyes kept drifting up and down my body with a coy little grin and she sweetly asked, “Do you want me to make you another sandwich?” 

_     _ _     _ _

Thirty minutes later and I was sitting by the pool in my boxers with a new plate of food on my lap while Lara and Jessica splashed a beach ball back and forth. A deep scowl marred my features as I munched furiously on my sandwich. I’d tried calling Lara’s house and Stella’s cell but no one answered. 

Admittedly, my initial rage had simmered down to plain annoyance at this point. At least they’d helped clean the mess in the living room and made me another sandwich. But I was still pissed that these brats had ruined my afternoon.

“C’mon Kyle, come play with us!” Lara playfully splashed some water in my direction.

“Just go home Lara,” I replied curtly, radiating annoyance as I finished my sandwich. 

“Aww, c’mon. Don’t be like that,” she pouted. “I just wanted to show you my new swimsuit, don’t you like it?” She struck a pose to show off her figure. I found myself begrudgingly giving her a once over. 

For a 12 year old, Lara was cute and would develop into an attractive woman eventually. Her medium-length wavy burgundy hair was tied up in a messy bun. A navy blue bikini with white polka dots and lacey frills accentuated the curves of her developing figure. It was the most scantily clad I’d ever seen her and it was hard to look away from her unblemished tanned skin.

“No,” I replied flatly. I wasn’t about to encourage her. My reply elicited a hmph from Lara as she put her hands on her hips poutily. My eyes slid over to curiously glance at Jessica’s swimsuit.

Jessica was Lara’s opposite. Whereas Lara was perpetually energetic and vivacious, Jessica was shy and soft-spoken. A year younger than Lara, she relied on her bestie to be her voice most of the time and would hide behind her the rest of the time. She seemed more than happy to hide in Lara’s shadow.

As if she noticed my attention had drifted from her, Lara scooted over to Jessica and pulled her out of the water. Jessica yelped in protest but Lara had a firm grip on her arm. “Isn’t my bikini nicer than Jessi’s?”

While Lara was cute, Jessica was beautiful. She had a natural refined elegance to her. If she weren’t so shy and anxious she’d probably be a great child model. Long blonde hair cascades down her back in waves. Her large green eyes are framed by lush eyelashes and her constant, doe-eyed expression always stirs up a mix of emotions in me. She wore a light violet one-piece bathing suit that flared out into a short frilly skirt. Unlike Lara, Jessica’s figure was still very much that of an adolescent; lithe, slender and flat with the promise of blossoming. While Lara was naturally tan, Jessica’s pale, almost luminescent skin, seemed like it’d burn even on a cloudy day.

“Cute,” I gave Jessica a sarcastic thumbs-up which made her look down in embarrassment. My positive response seemed to annoy Lara. “But which one of us is cuter?” She asked while striking another pose to show off her developing curves.

“E-eh?” Jessica blushed, obviously not wanting to be a part of this. Lara, on the other hand, kept bulldozing ahead. “Don’t you think I’m cute, Kyle? Look how much I’ve grown!” She ran her hands down her body, cupping her small breasts together to simulate cleavage while trying to show off her dainty waist, rounded hips and firm ass. 

Sometimes I forget that Lara’s not as innocent as she seems. A lot of it she copies from Stella and her friends, but she’s definitely surprised me with how much she knows – or seems to know. On my 16th birthday she blatantly asked if I’d like a blowjob as my present! Jessica, on the other hand, was a sheltered only child with overprotective parents.

It was clear that Lara was trying to be sensual but it came off as pathetic and I snorted in amusement. This enraged her, “Hmph! Jessi doesn’t even have boobs yet!” Reaching from behind, Lara’s hands planted against Jessica’s flat chest, massaging it in an attempt to show how Jessica couldn’t even fake any cleavage. Jessica’s pale cheeks flushed as she tried to hide herself, struggling against Lara. “Lara, s-stop it!”

I had to admit. I kind of liked the sight of Jessica being taken advantage of by Lara…but I wasn’t going to say that. “It’s not your appearance that matters,” I replied dryly. “You’re not acting cute, are you?”

She let go of Jessica, seemingly stung by my remark, and sank sulkily into the pool leaving only the top half of her head bobbing above water. Jessica followed suit and quickly squatted to splash down and presumably hide herself.

I smirked to myself, pleased despite how childish and petty snubbing Lara may be. After all, it was the small things in life that you appreciate most, right? Leaning back onto my lounge chair, I got comfortable. Sunbathing after lunch seemed like a good idea.

Left to their own devices, the two girls continued playing in the pool. With my eyes closed against the sunlight, their splashing sounds and intermittent giggles became pleasant background noise lulling me to sleep.

Just as I was about to doze off, I heard Lara instructing Jessica. “No, you have to use your feet like flippers! Point your toes, don’t just kick the water.”

It was an effort to get my eyes open, but curiosity got the better of me. Shaking off the tempting lull of sleep, I saw that Lara was holding Jessica’s hands as Jessica tried to propel herself forwards with her legs. At a glance, it was easy to see she wasn’t doing it correctly. Lara kept switching from encouraging her bestie to exasperation that bordered on condescending. Sitting up, I commented, “I didn’t know you couldn’t swim Jessi.” It felt odd to call her Jessica when Lara kept referring to her as Jessi.

Jessi struggled to reply, too busy trying to stay afloat. It seemed like Lara wasn’t babying her friend when it came to swimming lessons, there were no floating devices around to assist Jessi. “She’ll be swimming like a pro by the end of summer!” Lara declared decisively.

I raised a brow skeptically. “Well, if you’re going to do that you’ll want to make sure she can at least float on her own first.” Getting up, I stretched and felt my back and neck crack satisfyingly. I could feel Lara’s eyes on me but I was mostly curious about whether I had Jessi’s attention. “Want me to show you?”

Lara bristled at my offer, cutting Jessi off before she could even reply. “I can teach Jessi by myself! She’s going to be swimming like a pro soon!” I suppressed a smirk, was she jealous of the attention I was giving Jessi?

I shrugged, part of me had expected that. “Well,” walking over to the storage bin where we kept all our pool accessories, I pulled out a swimming board and tossed it to them. “You might want to start from the basics first.”

I walked over to the hot tub adjacent to the pool as they continued their lessons. It was too warm to bother heating it up, instead, I turned the jets on and eased into it with a contented sigh as the water pressure massaged my lower back. The hot tub was above ground meaning I had a great view of the girls in the pool. Lara was showing Jessi how to use the kickboard and swim with it. Much splashing ensued as Jessi tried her best to kick herself forwards without actually going anywhere. After a while, an exasperated Lara decided to try a different approach. Part of me couldn’t help but feel a little smug as she followed my suggestion.

Lara was holding Jessi’s hands while she attempted to float on her back, but Jessi’s legs and lower half kept sinking. “You need to float Jessi! Don’t just hang onto me.” Jessi panted back, “I-I’m trying!”

“You should hold her up from below,” I commented nonchalantly. Lara scowled at me but pursed her lips thoughtfully before taking my advice. Standing next to Jessi, she boosted Jessi’s lower half up. Jessi flailed, surprised, and her face went underwater with a startled cry. I chuckled and held my arms up wide. “You gotta hold her up evenly, like this.”

Jessi popped back up with a splutter and the two tried again, this time managing it successfully. I gave Lara a thumbs-up and she beamed back happily. It was amusing to see Lara taking her role as “teacher” so seriously. A few moments later Jessi squealed a surprised “L-Lara! What are you-” 

“This way you’ll know when you start sinking! Pay attention to your form.” Jessi nodded meekly in reply. I watched with interest now, what was going on? From what I could see, it looked like every time Jessi’s lower half started to dip down, something would make her jump and flail. I started to form a guess but…”What’s happening over there?” I asked, genuinely intrigued.

Lara shot me a sly look. “I dunno,” she said innocently. “You should come find out.”

Stretching my arms above my head, I made a show of settling into the hot tub. “Nah, I’m pretty comfortable here.” But my steady gaze on them probably said a different story. Lara must’ve picked up on my unspoken interest because she dropped Jessi who yelped before sinking. She quickly reemerged and sputtered “Lara, why did yo-”

“C’mon Jessi, we’re gonna practice in the hot tub instead!” Lara grabbed Jessi’s arm and tugged her towards the edge of the pool towards me. 

“What? Why?” Jessi followed obediently, treading water as Lara pulled her along. I watched as the two approached and climbed up the steps. “Because,” Lara declared matter-of-factly, “the hot tub isn’t that deep so it should be easier!” Jessi didn’t look convinced but said nothing, meanwhile Lara looked thoroughly pleased with herself.

I said nothing as they got in the hot tub with me, trying to look uninterested at the intrusion. The tub was big enough to comfortably fit eight people with room to spare so while they had plenty of space to themselves, they were still close enough that I could see everything. 

Positioning themselves in the middle of the tub, they resumed practice. Jessi kept fidgeting and darting furtive glances over at me but Lara quickly proved to be more distracting as Jessi dutifully focused her attention back to floating. I took this chance to get a better look at what was eliciting Jessi’s curious reactions earlier. 

Every time Jessi’s lower half started to sink, Lara pinched and groped at Jessi’s ass. I realized I’d been watching intently for a while now. Looking up, Lara’s eyes locked onto mine. There was a little smile on her face and I knew she’d seen me watching. Ironically enough, her “teaching method” actually seemed to be effective as Jessi was managing to float relatively successfully on her own now. 

“See? You’re doing it!” Lara stepped away to let Jessi float on her own.

“Am I…? I’m doing it?” It took a moment before Jessi realized. “I’m floating!” She floated for a bit before going under only to jump up and give Lara a big hug. “I did it! Thank you Lara!” I gave Lara a single silent clap for a job well done.

“Now you have to learn how to float face down!”

“E-ehh? Bu-”

“If you can’t float face down how are you going to swim properly? You need to know how to breathe while swimming!” 

“I guess…that makes sense…” Jessi’s worried expression returned. She obviously wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having her face submerged.

“It’s easy! You just have to do this,” and Lara demonstrated. She actually managed to hold her breath for quite a while, maybe even for an entire minute, before popping back up. “See? Easy. Now you.”

Taking a deep breath, Jessi dunked herself face-first into the water before letting her legs float up behind her. She was definitely floating, but she quickly tilted her head back to try to get more air, only to inhale water as she hadn’t leaned back far enough. I tried not to chuckle as she coughed and spluttered.

Lara didn’t seem discouraged. “You have to relax. Don’t be scared of the water! Just float and hold your breath, let your arms and legs relax and dangle.” This time, as Jessi floated, Lara held her up from below so that Jessi was able to easily tilt her head up for air when needed. At first I thought Jessi was being overly paranoid of having her face submerged because she kept squirming and coming up for air way too often. But then I noticed Lara looking straight at me with that smile on her face again. What was she up to?

It was hard to notice, but Lara had Jessi positioned so she was floating in front of one of the jets. I could imagine that Jessi was probably squirming from the feeling of the water pressure rubbing against her ass and smooth lips. Even though I couldn’t see it, I guessed from the way Lara’s arms were positioned that her hands were probably resting against, no…maybe groping, Jessi’s mound and chest. 

Maybe it was Lara’s steady, meaningful glances in my direction while she molested her best friend for…my benefit? Maybe it was how vulnerable Jessi was, how easily she gave in to Lara with little to no resistance and accepted her fate despite questioning the decisions made for her. Whatever it was, the show unfurling before me was interesting to me in more ways than one and I could feel myself slowly getting excited.

Once again, Jessi was proving herself to be very adaptable and she was picking up on how to float and change breath. Her cheeks were flushed but it was hard to tell if it was from Lara’s groping or simply physical exertion.

“You’re doing great!” Lara chirped cheerily. “But you should be holding your breath longer.” With that, she repositioned herself so that she was only supporting Jessi’s chest while her other hand rested on top of Jessi’s head. Jessi’s bottom half started drooping downwards but Lara pulled her back so Jessi’s feet rested against the hot tub’s seats. Now she was even closer to the jet and her arms flailed out to grab onto and push away Lara as she struggled out of the water with a gasp.

“That was barely even five seconds Jessi! I didn’t even start counting yet!”

“Your hand surprised me!” She reached up to gingerly touch the back of her head. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was actually the sudden force of the jets bubbling against her crotch that had startled her.

“I put my hand there so you’ll know when to come up for air! I’m gonna count to five seconds, then I’ll take my hand away and you’ll know it’s been five seconds! Okay? Let’s see how many seconds you can do!”

Jessi looked dubious but seeing how I wasn’t objecting to Lara’s behavior she murmured a worried, “Okay.” 

This time everything progressed as promised. Lara slowly counted to five mississippis before lifting her hand and allowing Jessi to gasp for air. Five mississippis became ten, then fifteen. Sometimes Jessi’s head would bob up, trying to push up early, but Lara would hold her down firmly until she reached the next goal. 

My hand slipped down towards my crotch as I watched. Maybe it was because I’d spent the entire morning jerking off but this whole situation felt oddly…sexual to me. I couldn’t put my finger on why, I just knew that for once, Lara had my attention and I wanted to see where it went.

Still in my boxers, the wet cotton sticking to my skin didn’t do much to help hide my slowly growing erection. I tried rubbing myself subtly at first, but seeing that Lara seemed more focused on counting for Jessi, I grew bolder and started gripping myself through the fabric to slowly stroke my cock as I watched Jessi’s flushed face pant for breath. Her lips looked so soft and supple… 

It wasn’t until Lara had almost reached forty-five mississippis that I realized she was watching me. Her eyes glued to my hand stroking myself underwater. It wasn’t until Jessi flailed a bit in protest that we realized she’d stopped counting. But instead of immediately letting go, Lara kept a firm grip which made Jessi struggle more violently. Lara’s eyes never left mine; it was like she was silently seeking my approval.

I said nothing, just stroked my now hard cock. I gave myself a tiny shudder of pleasure as I squeezed the tip in a firm grip. 

Lara must’ve noticed because she let go of Jessi who quickly erupted upwards out of the water, gasping and spluttering for air. “What was that Lara?!” For the first time since I’ve known Jessi, she seemed genuinely upset. 

“Nothing! I’m sorry,” Lara stepped away to give Jessi some room. “You just reached forty-five seconds and I got too excited!” 

Jessi still looked upset but quickly simmered down till she was back to her usual meek self. “I held my breath for forty-five seconds?”

“Yeah! You’re practically a pro now! I told you you could do it!” Despite everything, Jessi actually looked pleased with herself and her cherubic face was practically glowing. I joined in and clapped for Jessi, giving the girls two thumbs up.

“But!” Lara interrupted before continuing on matter-of-factly. “Swimming’s not always going to be this easy. Most of the time it’ll be in a crowded pool, or in the ocean! It won’t be all clean and empty like this. If you really want to swim properly, you’ll have to be able to swim with distractions!” 

Even I had to admit, Lara was making a pretty good point. “Especially in the ocean,” I added thoughtfully. 

Jessi’s glow of happiness had faded as she nodded along solemnly to our conversation. “I hate being in the ocean,” she offered timidly.  We both looked at her, surprised at this rare outburst. Jessi looked down awkwardly when she noticed our gazes on her. “Uhm, I just,” she continued, stammering shyly, before making a face and finishing her sentence in a rush. “I just hate when something brushes up against me and I-I think it’s a sea creature!” 

There was a moment of silence before Jessi splashed down to sit in the hot tub, obviously embarrassed with herself. Meanwhile Lara burst out laughing and I could feel a grin tugging at my lips. Jessi was such a cute girly girl, it was endearingly adorable. It made me want to protect her. It made me want to…I tried to push away the darker thoughts and desires I harbored. Tried to ignore how a part of me yearned to corrupt her innocence. Push at her limits, bend her to my will, crush her beneath me…

Her pale cheeks were flushed and she was staring intently down at the bubbling water as if she could find a hole to sink into and disappear. I liked the way she chewed worriedly on her bottom lip as she tried not to pout. 

“I hate that too actually,” I offered helpfully. Jessi looked up in surprise before her glance quickly flitted away again. Lara simply looked at me, head tilted slightly to the side in curiosity. Her steady gaze focusing on me whenever I interacted with Jessi felt strangely clinical. As if Lara were scrutinizing us under a microscope, trying to dissect every word, extract meaning from every gesture. It’d be unnerving if I didn’t know that she was simply jealous of the attention I was giving Jessi. “It’s always a relief when I look down and see that it’s just seaweed, but you never know.” I shrugged and shot Jessi a reassuring grin.

And it was true. You never knew. The ocean was full of life and life always came with surprises. Sometimes in the form of jellyfish or sharks. Meanwhile, the worst offender in my outdoor salt water pool and hot tub was usually the occasional stray leaf floating in the water.

“Anyway!” Lara cut in. “Break time’s over! C’mon!” She motioned for Jessi to hurry and get up, splashing water at her bestie when she didn’t comply quickly enough. “Gonna get you to pro level soon!”

“Okay!” Jessi laughed as she fended off Lara’s insistent splashing. “I’m coming!” She glided over to Lara before standing next to her, awaiting instructions. “What should I do now?”

“Hmm…” It seemed like Lara hadn’t actually thought her lesson plan through yet herself. But it didn’t take her long to come up with something. I could practically see the light bulb go off above her head as a devious little smile flitted across her lips. It faded just as quickly as it had appeared and she motioned enthusiastically for Jessi to position herself in the middle of the hot tub. “Okay! We’ll start out easy. Let’s get you used to distractions while floating on your back first, ‘kay? So float on your back and then, when you’re ready, we’ll start some chaaoooosss~”

I raised a brow at Lara’s comment. We? I hoped she didn’t mean me because I didn’t remember volunteering. In case she happened to miss the look I shot her, I made a show of settling back into my seat to ensure that she couldn’t miss my body language. I had no plans to move.

Jessi chirped back a “‘kay!” before tentatively lowering herself into the water to float on her back. Initially, her expression was uncertain but she relaxed as she slowly gained confidence in her ability. I found my eyes wandering over Jessi’s body as she floated, suspended on the water. It was hard not to admire her creamy skin, especially when her thighs were angled towards me. I couldn’t help but find my gaze lingering on the soft swell of her pubic mound… 

Lara leaned over Jessi and gave her a thumbs up. “You’re doing awesome! Ready for more?”

Jessi began nodding but the motion seemed to distract her; she sank a bit but quickly steadied herself and replied with a determined mhmm instead. Taking that as her cue to begin her “chaos,” Lara promptly splashed some water at Jessi. “Whoops,” she dramatically fake apologized, “‘scuze me, just swimming here!” Jessi’s face was scrunched up against the barrage of water raining down on her. To her credit, she was doing a pretty good job of keeping herself afloat. Meanwhile, Lara was happily singing to herself while seated in the hot tub as she furiously kicked water in Jessi’s direction. 

Welp. If my quiet afternoon hadn’t been ruined before it’d definitely flown out the window now. Lara’s splashing was obnoxiously loud. I hoped she didn’t plan on keeping it up for too long.

As Lara continued splashing and kicking on and off, the current she created was slowly pushing Jessi towards me. I watched as Jessi floated unknowingly toward me; I was torn between being annoyed at Lara’s behaviour and allowing her to continue in order to see where things went. “Quit it Lara, she’s going to bump into me if you keep it up.”

“Yeah, exactly Kyle, that’s what it means to be a distraction.” She stuck her tongue out rebelliously at me. “People bump into each other at the pool all the time!”

“I don’t remember agreeing to this.” I scowled in return as she blatantly ignored me.

“If it bothers you so much then you should just get up and move out of the way.” Her words were spoken tauntingly in a sing-song manner. My scowl deepened and I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning back in my seat to show that I wasn’t going anywhere. It may be childish, but I’d gotten here first and it was my fucking house! Lara giggled at my stubbornness.

Jessi was an arm’s length away from me now. She had drifted far enough from Lara that Lara’s splashing was barely reaching her anymore. Realizing this, Lara propelled off of her seat, torpedoing herself to bump right into her bestie. Jessi had managed to keep herself afloat and ignore Lara’s splashing exceptionally well so far. But the sudden bump against her side caught Jessi off guard and she gave a startled cry before flailing to keep herself from going under. 

“Whoops!” Lara was obviously having fun at her friend’s expense. “This pool is just so crowded!” She continued randomly bumping up against Jessi, steadily pushing her closer to me. Lara was getting into her own roleplaying as she continued to randomly call out nonsense. “Watch where you’re going!” Again, Jessi was managing herself quite well considering the circumstances. It wasn’t until the side of her calves brushed up against my knees that she flailed again in surprise. 

“Dammit Lara, will you stop?” Irritation laced my voice but my eyes were continually drawn to Jessi’s body. I could just reach out to touch her, she was so close now…I fisted my hands instead and kept them firmly tucked under my arms.

“Don’t you wanna help Jessi be a pro swimmer Kyle? Stop being a whiny grouch. You can just sit there and be another person in the pool!” 

A whiny grouch? I glared angrily at her and gritted my teeth to stop myself from retorting. There was no point arguing with her. I’d probably save myself a headache if I just let Lara continue with her shenanigans until she ran out of steam.

Taking my brooding silence for consent, Lara started to unabashedly push Jessi into me. I stoically ignored them, attempting to keep a poker face despite feeling Jessi’s smooth legs bump up against mine. I focused on keeping a straight face as her fingers brushed up against my thighs before they flinched away. Jessi’s ass was practically resting on my lap at this point and it took all my willpower not to reach out and grab at her. I could practically feel the swell of her round ass brushing up against my crotch, my fingers itched to dig into her smooth skin, pull her towards me, rub her firmly against me…My erection from before had been forgotten with all the earlier antics but it was quickly returning as my mind wandered down this slippery slope.

“Time for Phase Two!” Lara suddenly declared.

Phase Two? Before I could start wondering what Phase Two entailed, Lara grabbed Jessi’s arm, pulling her away from me. “Ready?” 

“E-ehh?” Jessi didn’t even get a chance to ask what was happening. Lara planted her hand right on Jessi’s chest and pushed her underwater with a gleeful, “Hold your breath!”

Despite Jessi’s slightly panicked look of surprise, she managed to take a quick gulp of air as she went under. I could see her face scrunch up in concentration, hands fluttering up to cover her mouth and nose. She straightened herself out so that she was once again floating facedown like her earlier lesson. As if on cue, Lara gently rested her hand atop Jessi’s head and started counting like before.

“One mississippi…two mississippi…three mississippi…” Meanwhile, Lara’s other hand had gotten much bolder than before. Now that Jessi no longer needed Lara to help support her, Lara’s hand was freely exploring her friend. As Lara counted, her other hand reached out to the side of Jessi’s head and dipped down to pull back Jessi’s damp, golden locks so that I had a clear view of Jessi’s profile. 

“…six mississippi…seven mississippi…eight mississippi…” From there, Lara’s fingers traced down the back of Jessi’s neck and slid down her spine to rest at her tailbone. It was then that I realized Lara was once again watching me like a hawk, and she knew that she had my full attention. 

“…eleven mississippi…twelve mississippi…thirteen mississippi…” Lara playfully let her fingers “walk” over the curve of Jessi’s pert ass. Jessi wriggled a bit as Lara poked at her buttcheeks. I assumed she was probably ticklish.

“…sixteen mississippi…seventeen mississippi…eighteen mississippi…” Smoothing her palm against Jessi’s ass, Lara’s dark brown eyes were watching me intently as she rubbed Jessi’s smooth buttocks. Upon realizing that Lara was putting on another show for me, I could feel my erection growing in earnest as it started to snake up my wet boxers. I let my hands fall to my sides as I watched Lara purposefully give Jessi’s ass a firm squeeze. Jessi visibly flailed in response but quickly settled down as she continued to concentrate on holding her breath.

“…twenty-one mississippi…twenty-two mississippi…twenty-three mississippi…” During this time, Lara had been intermittently nudging and pushing at Jessi. It was only now that I realized what her end goal was. Lara’s nudging had angled Jessi so that Jessi’s face was getting closer and closer to one of the tub’s jet streams near me.

“…twenty-six mississippi…twenty-seven mississippi…twenty-eight mississippi…” Jessi pushed her head up with a gasp, spluttering a bit having been startled by the sudden force of the jets right on her face. “That wasn’t even thirty seconds yet! You can do better than that Jessi!”

“Wha-” Jessi was once again cut off as Lara pushed her back underwater. 

“Again! One mississippi…two mississippi…three mississippi…” Jessi visibly struggled for a bit, her arms and legs flailing about before settling down. Lara had Jessi’s face pushed up against the jet stream nearest me. I could practically see the pressure of the jets pressing against her face, pushing against her cheeks even as she squinted against it. Jessi was close enough now that if I just reached out I could easily touch her chest, maybe even pinch her nipple…

“…six mississippi…seven mississippi…eight mississippi…” I kept my hands to myself, fully aware that Lara’s eyes were boring intently into me, but I could feel my self-restraint starting to waver. 

“What’s wrong Kyle~?” Lara’s words were practically purred at me. The smug expression she wore was like the cat that got the cream. Lara’s hand wandered lower as she held Jessi’s head down against the jets. Her hand slid down the crack of Jessi’s ass, letting her middle finger press and caress against Jessi as she wedged Jessi’s swimsuit between her ass cheeks. 

“You like this, don’t you?” Jessi squirmed but Lara kept a firm hold. With the way they were angled towards me, I could clearly see Jessi turning her face back and forth underwater in an attempt to get away from the jet’s direct line. Meanwhile, Lara’s fingers slid lower and stroked up and down over Jessi’s covered mound. Lara’s intrusion caused Jessi to jump. For a moment it looked like her ass jerked upwards instinctively before wiggling all too temptingly in front of me as she tried to get away from Lara’s insistent touch. 

I said nothing, but my cock was aching with need. I didn’t have to look to know that it was tenting against my wet boxers. In fact, I didn’t have to look at all because Lara confirmed it for me. “What’s that in your boxers Kyle~? Is that your big dick? Are you all hard because of me?” Hearing such bold, lewd words coming out of Lara’s mouth aroused a strange mix of emotions in me. 

I knew that she was simply repeating phrases she’d heard from Stella or wherever, I knew she probably didn’t realize the full meaning behind her words…but despite the fact that she was Lara – annoying, bratty Lara who never stopped pestering me – the way she was looking at me as she molested Jessi, the way Jessi was being manhandled by her bestie right in front of my eyes…fuck, I wanted to stroke my cock so badly. 

My hand automatically complied and I bit back a groan as my fingers wrapped around my stiff dick and gave myself a squeeze. 

Another push from Lara and suddenly Jessi’s ass was once again, practically floating on my lap. Except this time her ass was fully in view in front of me as Lara groped Jessi for my benefit. As she palmed and squeezed at Jessi’s ass, Lara was unintentionally pushing Jessi’s crotch to bump and tease right up against the tip of my dick. My hips bucked up reflexively each time Jessi’s mound grazed against me.

“I knew you liked it,” Lara whispered matter-of-factly, voice low as if she were talking to herself. It was like she had just confirmed her own thought and she repeated herself, louder and with more certainty. “You like it, don’t you Kyle?” 

Before I could reply, another shove from Lara and Jessi was now literally floating horizontally over my lap. “What is it that you like Kyle? Is it Jessi? Do you like her that much?” Something was shifting in Lara’s tone of voice. It was no longer playfully teasing, hot jealousy contorted her words until she was spitting them out spitefully. “Do you really think she’s that much cuter than me?”

But her tone simmered down just as quickly. “Or is it me?” She pushed Jessi’s face directly into a jet as she said this. “Do you like it when I do things to Jessi?” Lara’s dark eyes glimmered with crazed determination. I could see Jessi’s hands smack against the side of the tub before trying to cover the jet without success. Her hands scrabbled against the tub’s seats, trying to find something to support herself and push off of. Something to hide behind or shield her from the jets.

I wasn’t about to encourage Lara’s behavior, but the words stuck in my throat whenever I tried to tell her to stop. All the while, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jessi struggling underwater as Lara pinned her down. I was sure that Lara undoubtedly noticed and drew her own conclusions from my distracted silence.

It was only then that I realized Lara had stopped counting and thirty seconds must have passed by now if not more. But that realization felt distant and was quickly forgotten as Lara roughly tugged Jessi’s swimsuit bottom up, giving me a full view of Jessi’s bare pussy lips as Lara wedged her swimsuit into Jessi’s crotch while also showing off Jessi’s bare ass. “Is this what you want Kyle?” 

I could feel Jessi struggling in earnest now, likely both freaked out and flustered from the confusing mix of the jets in her face while receiving a wedgie. From the corner of my eye I saw Jessi bang her knee against the corner of the tub seats. But my focus was entirely on the tantalizing view before me; Jessi’s puffy lips peeking out as her swimsuit dug into her virgin pussy…the perfectly smooth swell of her round ass, how her skin was so light and unblemished it seemed impossible…

I let out an involuntary grunt as Lara pushed Jessi’s exposed cunt down against me, my hips ground up instinctively and my hands reached out impulsively to grab blindly at Jessi only to close empty-handed in fists next to me. Fuck, Lara was really pushing the limits of my self-restraint. I could see Lara’s hand squeezing down relentlessly on Jessi’s left asscheek as she held her friend down. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessi had a bruised handprint later.

At this point, Jessi’s struggling had reached a new pitch as she flailed about fervently. Her kicking had her knees banging into the tub’s seats and causing splashes before she managed to wriggle out from underneath Lara’s hands. Spluttering frantically up for air, between coughing and gasping, Jessi looked both frightened and confused while on the verge of tears.

“W-why?” She sniffled waveringly, coughing the question out as she eyed us both accusingly. Her large green eyes were flicking back and forth between Lara and myself distrustfully as she slowly backed away from us, still hacking water out of her lungs.

I had no response. Instead, my throat felt dry with dread as my mind caught up with the events. This was it. We’d gone too far. I’d let it go too far. No, Lara had taken it too far…Meanwhile my body felt sluggish, as if frozen or moving through jello. I felt like I couldn’t move, my whole body felt immobile while screaming with need at the same time. My cock ached painfully as it strained against my boxers, throbbing for release. 

Lara didn’t miss a beat though. “You did SO goooood~!” She paid no attention to Jessi’s obvious unease and instead gave Jessi an enthusiastic hug while showering her confused friend with bubbling praises. “You held your breath for a whole minute! Even with all the distractions!”

It took a bit longer this time before Jessi’s apprehension relaxed slightly. Lara’s exuberant praise still had the desired effect though. Having caught her breath and recovered from her latest bout of abuse, Jessi had just the barest hint of a smile on her lips now. “Am I…am I a pro now?” she asked shyly.

“Yea, definitely! Right Kyle? She’s like, a super pro!” I managed to give them a weak thumbs up and tried my best to smile reassuringly while debating the least awkward way for me to hide my raging boner. 

“But you wanna know what real pros can do?” Lara’s eyes glinted mischievously. as she leaned in to whisper something to Jessi.

“Ehh? N-no way…” Jessi’s cheeks were flushing crimson as she snuck sideways glances over at me. I wondered what Lara had told her. 

“Mhmm, my sister told me about it.” Lara’s tone of voice was like a wise man sharing his mystical secrets.

“And you’ve…done it too?” Jessi asked in a hushed whisper, curious despite looking outright skeptical for the first time this afternoon. Flustered by Jessi’s response, Lara seemed to lose a bit of composure. 

“Well, I…” she quickly regained her confidence though. “I know what I’m doing! Just trust me.”

Before I could piece together what Lara was planning, they both glided towards me before repositioning themselves so that Jessi was floating face-first towards me. “What are yo-” Lara cut me off before I could finish my question.

“Ready? And one mississippi…” Lara had basically just pushed Jessi’s face down against my crotch. 

“Lara, what the fu-” I exclaimed in surprise. But she continued counting while holding Jessi’s face to my erection. Seeing that Jessi wasn’t flailing about, I assumed Lara must’ve put some crazy idea into the girl’s head to get her to cooperate.

“Don’t you like it Kyle?” Lara asked almost shyly. 

I had no idea what Lara could’ve told Jessi but it’s not like I could just tell her to stop. Once Lara got an idea in her head, it was like trying to stop a runaway train. “Lara, I-”

She kept nudging Jessi’s head down against me. I let out an involuntary groan as I looked down and saw the golden halo floating in my lap, felt Jessi’s lips pushed against my straining cock. “I saw you,” Lara stated matter-of-factly. “You like it, don’t you? Doesn’t it feel good?”

Fuck, I was not prepared for this turn of events but she was right. I wasn’t even looking at Lara anymore, transfixed by the locks of blonde hair floating around me. I could feel Jessi’s hands resting tentatively against my legs, like she was trying not to touch me but couldn’t help it as Lara bumped us together. 

I could practically feel Jessi’s lips bumping against the tip of my cock as Lara continued nudging Jessi’s face against me. “It feels good, doesn’t it?” It didn’t seem like Lara intended to stop as she continued questioning me persistently. “Doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I spit the syllable out through gritted teeth. But that one word seemed to unlock something in me. Having admitted the truth, it was like my body finally felt free again, light and unburdened. My hands moved of their own accord, eagerly, hungrily, and groped against Jessi’s flat chest. I could feel a hint of her adolescent chest, soft and barely there, before feeling the perky nubs of her nipples through her swimsuit. 

I was so engrossed with exploring Jessi’s lithe body with my hands that I didn’t notice the smug look of triumph that crossed Lara’s features. Before I could pinch and twist at Jessi’s nipples, Lara suddenly pulled Jessi up by her hair. Jessi’s hands automatically flew up to try to free her tangled hair from Lara’s fist. She only had a moment to gasp for breath before Lara pushed Jessi’s face back down in front of the jet next to me again. Except this time, Jessi was pressed against me, her body resting diagonally across my lap. 

“Is this better, Kyle?” Lara practically panted the words out. Was it exertion from manhandling Jessi all this time? Or was she…?

I didn’t get to finish my thought as Lara pushed Jessi’s ass down against me, basically grinding Jessi’s crotch against my knee causing her stomach and chest to rub against my throbbing dick. “Oh, fuck…” I muttered beneath my breath. My hands moved of their own accord and I found myself pulling Jessi down onto me even as my hips thrust upwards to grind against her. It didn’t matter what or where, even through my boxers I was enjoying how Jessi’s body felt both soft and firm. Suppressed now by both Lara and myself, Jessi’s struggles were minimal and I found myself feeling greedier. I wanted more than just feeling her rubbing up against me…

“But it can feel even better, right? Stella told me so.” My mind was having trouble focusing on what Lara was saying; I was too busy hyperfocusing on what my cock was feeling. 

I jumped as suddenly a hand grabbed at my dick, pulling at it awkwardly. My eyes flew open to see Lara untucking my throbbing erection out the fly of my boxers. At this point I could feel Jessi’s hands pushing against my legs, searching for traction to help heave herself out of the water. Lara hadn’t been counting for who knows how long now. 

A mass of bubbles gushed out of Jessi from under Lara’s hand as Jessi pushed herself upwards more insistently, fighting against Lara’s firm grip pushing her downwards. The bubbles seethed around us; I could feel some of them tickling against my legs as they floated up before Jessi managed to finally struggle out from beneath Lara. Jessi erupted upwards in a single burst that sent water splashing everywhere.

Water streamed off of Jessi as she gulped for air, Lara struggled to push her back down, aiming her face towards my stiff cock. “Stop it Jessi,” she chided, “you have to make him feel good. You’ll be a pro!” Panic clouded Jessi’s green eyes as she fought Lara to stay above water. “Lara!…T-Lara, stop! I don’t, I don’t want to do this anymore!” 

She gulped one last big breath of air before Lara pushed her face against my naked cock. I’d never seen such crazed determination from Lara before. Jessi kept pushing against me with her arms; hands frantically trying to find something to pull herself upwards. I winced as her nails raked against my inner thighs, grimacing in pain as she gouged deep scratches into my tender skin. 

Lara’s features clouded over with rage. She grabbed at Jessi’s arms, practically wrestling Jessi into the water to pin both wrists behind her back in a firm grip. Jessi struggled against Lara in earnest. “Lara, please,” she blubbered, crying while trying to stay above water. “STOP,” she begged in a panicked sob. Lara seemed deaf to Jessi’s cries, intent on subduing her friend. 

“Shut up, Jessi!” Lara snapped impatiently as she struggled to grapple Jessi. The two of them were causing a lot of splashing against me, momentarily blinding me. But I could feel their limbs tangling against mine as they fought.

“No! Lara, p-please…” Jessi’s desperate cries for Lara to stop were choked out intermittently as she scrambled to stay above water. “I don’t like this,” she sobbed, panic and a bit of hysteria tinged her cries. “I…I don’t want this!” Her words were pitched high from agitation even as she splashed frenziedly against Lara.

As the two of them fought, they both went underwater briefly in a tangle of hair and limbs before erupting back up with a massive splash. When the two re-emerged, it was clear that Lara had once again managed to secure the upper hand. Lara’s arm was wrapped around Jessi’s neck in a headlock, her other hand gripping Jessi’s tangled blonde locks in a white knuckled squeeze. Jessi’s hands were trying to pry herself loose out of Lara’s grasp, her nails raking against Lara’s arm left angry pink lines raised against Lara’s tanned skin.

The Lara before me was unrecognizable from the Lara I was accustomed to. Lara was shamelessly bold and brazen, annoyingly…persistently so. But she also tried to be coy and coquettish, though they were often laughable attempts. Lara was bullheaded in her stubbornness and while her single-mindedness could often be irritating, the determined Lara before me had taken things to a whole other level. 

Lara was using her whole body to overpower Jessi, leaning on her from behind to essentially push Jessi down onto her knees and back into the water. Jessi, so slight and tiny, didn’t last long before she collapsed into the water with Lara on top of her. Lara wrested Jessi so that Jessi was now kneeling between my legs. Despite Jessi’s cries, her desperate pleading, part of me simply wanted to watch her, fascinated by the different expressions flitting across her face. 

“Just stick to the plan and do as I say Jessi!” Lara pressed Jessi against me, Jessi’s face pressing against my chest and stomach now while Lara leaned on her from behind, panting in Jessi’s ear as she snarled breathy instructions for her to obey. “It’ll make things easier for all of us if you’d just make Kyle feel good like I told you!” Jessi continued crying against my chest in sniffly whimpers as she whined out a constant stream of “No, Lara, please, no, please, stop, let me go, Lara, please…”

As Lara relentlessly pushed Jessi against me, my naked cock was rubbing against Jessi’s front. Against her flat chest, her firm stomach, occasionally even slipping between Jessi’s thighs briefly to slide oh so temptingly against her pussy. I was quickly losing myself in pleasure again, this time no longer restrained by the damp cloth of my boxers. 

Just as my pleasure was starting to build and peak, just as I was starting to think that I might finally cum while grinding myself against Jessi, Lara eased off of Jessi so that she was able to stand back. This only served to give Lara more room to maneuver and she took the chance to once again, dunk Jessi’s face underwater. 

Air burst out of Jessi’s mouth in big bubbles as Lara held her underwater, pressing her against my crotch and I let out a low moan as I felt my cock slip into Jessi’s mouth, gagging her as she choked on me. My hands reached out to grip the back of her head, fingers twining into her silky hair, roughly anchoring her to me. I could feel Jessi thrash violently against me even as Lara held her down, panting eagerly to me, “You like that Kyle? Is it good?”

I barely acknowledged Lara. It was clear that I was enjoying Jessi’s warm mouth. Maybe it was because she was underwater, her mouth and tongue felt exceptionally slick and smooth. God, I thought to myself, what am I doing? I started pushing further into Jessi’s mouth as my hips started moving of their own volition. “Oh fuck,” I groaned as I felt my cock push into her throat. 

The feeling of her throat constricting around my cock made me start facefucking Jessi in earnest. She was pinned beneath me now, her back pressed against the side of the tub’s seats while her legs kicked and scraped against the bottom. Her feet couldn’t find another surface to steady herself against and push off of. If I wasn’t so preoccupied, I might’ve stopped to wonder when Lara had let go of Jessi as I took over the task. 

Whenever I pulled back, her mouth felt like a vacuum sucking me in and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Looking down, I saw little bubbles drifting out of Jessi’s nostrils as I pounded into her mouth. Her hands slapped weakly against me as I assaulted her throat and I watched as her eyes started turning glassy. 

“Fuck,” I muttered gruffly. My mind was screaming at me to stop but my body refused. Jessi slowly stopped struggling as my hips pistoned frantically into her mouth. It slowly dawned on me that Lara was no longer restraining Jessi. From the corner of my eye I saw that Lara was watching the events unfold before her, utterly transfixed. If I hadn’t been so distracted, I might’ve wondered if she were stunned in horror or morbid curiosity.

I was too absorbed with keeping Jessi in place as I throatfucked her. The video from my playlist earlier today flashed through my mind and my cock twitched remembering the way the blonde’s throat had bulged grotesquely from the massive cock forcibly blocking her airway. I grunted as I remembered how her eyes had practically bugged out of her head when hands had wrapped around her bulging throat to further choke and constrict her. As if on auto-pilot, my fingers dug into Jessi’s scalp as I gripped a fistful of her golden locks roughly, the other wrapped around her throat as I pressed her back against the edge of the seat. 

“Fuck, fuck,” it was like I’d forgotten my vocabulary, I was getting so close. Looking down, the sunlight streaming through the water painted Jessi with otherworldly ripples. Little bubbles drifted from her nostrils occasionally, larger bubbles erupting in streams from around my cock as I thrust in and out of her. Her eyes were freakishly wide, the usually bright green irises of her eyes were dark with terror as they stared up at me, unseeing and quivering as I choked her. I felt her throat spasm around my cock one last time before her eyes started slowly rolling up and back into her head. I grunted out a loud “FUCK!” as I spewed a thick load down her throat, buried to the hilt in her mouth.

I let go, panting, suddenly dizzy as I stepped away. My cock popped out of her slick mouth, causing a small trail of cum to drift out lazily past her parted lips. Now, unrestrained, Jessi’s body slowly floated up and away from me, bobbing towards Lara.

I fell back onto the tub seat with a splash. I’d cum so hard it was like I’d momentarily lost my vision. It was like I was experiencing an intense headrush. I couldn’t hear past the ringing in my ears, I couldn’t catch my breath to see straight. 

When my heart was no longer racing, realization slowly…then all too quickly, caught up with me. I heard Lara’s voice as if from far away.

“Jessi?” Lara’s voice sounded worried. “Are you…?” Her words quivered slightly as Jessi drifted motionlessly before us. 

Jessi?….Jessi!!!” Lara’s wails caused my blood to run cold with dread as reality hit me hard.


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