Maid for You

Kayla could feel a light blush coloring her cheeks as she imagined herself wearing it; she could barely suppress her smile as she bit lightly down on her bottom lip, a tingle of excitement ran down her spine. She’d waited so long…she’d been eyeing this item ever since the first prototype had been released nearly two years ago. During that time she’d made it to the payment confirmation page dozens of times already, but had never managed to bring herself to hit the “Confirm” button.

Until now.

No more excuses. After two years, it was obvious that the company was still going strong and had perfected their product. After two years of continually coming back to the site and staring longingly at their catalogue, it was obviously a sign that she needed it in her life.

Thoroughly reading through the site’s payment policies for the fifth time, she finally opted for the monthly payment plan option. To say that this was an expensive purchase would be an understatement. Tipping back her margarita glass, she finished the last of her slushy, mango flavored liquid courage, savoring the sweetness as the cold alcohol warmed her from the inside out. This was the missing ingredient she had needed, the last push before she…clicking the “Confirm” button with finality, she held her breath as the page reloaded to congratulate her on her purchase. 

Seeing the receipt to her latest purchase, the reality of the situation slowly sank in. She was officially the owner of the sexiest French maid uniform ever created. Custom made and hand tailored to each person’s specifications, it had the most unique design she’d ever laid eyes on…and it was going to be hers.

With the initial down payment paid, she couldn’t wait for her new outfit to arrive. A tiny voice of doubt nagged at the back of her mind, but it was quickly lost in her tipsy haze of excitement. Not much was known about the company, Eternal Fantasy. It was infamous in select circles for various reasons and the internet had absolutely blown topics way out of proportion. Most of the “known facts” about Eternal Fantasy seemed to be baseless rumors. All that could be said with certainty was that Eternal Fantasy delivered quality products.

Her mind began to wander as she leaned back in her chair, the confirmation page and receipt still on her monitor. She couldn’t help but imagine herself in the outfit, how cute and sexy she would look in it. Scott’s handsome face flashed through her imagination and she blushed at her own thoughts, not wanting to admit to how badly she wanted to wear the outfit for him. Modeling it for him, letting him pose her however he wanted, pretending to be his good little maid…

Scott was Kayla’s co-worker and while they were certainly friendly, even a bit flirty, at work, he’d never officially asked her out on a date yet. Sure, they had lunch together often and would go on coffee runs, but it’d be nice to see him outside of the office for once. Be more than just his “work wife” as he liked to so fondly call her. She’d been frustratingly treading the fine line of the friendzone for a while now and she was determined to change that. 

Clicking back to Eternal Fantasy’s homepage, she sighed happily at the featured maid outfits – they were simply gorgeous. The thought of the glistening monochrome costume sliding across her naked skin, hugging the curves of her lithe body…mm, it made her wet just thinking about it. Some people may have a latex fetish, it’d be fair to say that maid outfits were Kayla’s weakness.

Turning off her computer monitor, she maneuvered her way effortlessly through her dark apartment and crawled into bed…but not before grabbing her favorite vibrator out of her nightstand. She imagined Scott kissing her as her fingers slipped down between her legs and underneath her panties to gently circle her clit. Would he have soft lips? Maybe it’d be a bit of a rough kiss from his stubble? She shivered as she tried to remember the way he smelled, grasping at memories of when she’d catch a whiff of his cologne. 

Her fingers slid down lower to touch herself. She was already wet, her lips slick with her own juices from the excitement of her latest purchase. Rubbing herself, she gave a soft whimper as her index and middle fingers slipped into herself, coating her fingers with her wetness before spreading it all across her slick lips and finally rubbing her stiffening clit. Yeah, she was going to look so fucking good in her new outfit, Scott wouldn’t be able to not want her.

Pulling her panties aside, she slid the length of her vibrator against herself. It wasn’t long before she’d managed to lube it up with her own wetness while she moaned and writhed against it as she worked her clit. She imagined the feel of her nightgown and bedsheets to be that of smooth silk from the maid’s outfit. Imagined the way Scott wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of her once he saw her in it. As she thrusted the vibrator into her needy hole, turning it on in one swift motion, she imagined it to be Scott’s dick violating her instead, fucking her. 

“Oh god,” she whimpered, softly panting around her own moans even as the buzzing vibrator schlicked furiously in and out of her wet hole. She imagined that it was his thumb crushing her engorged clit while he fucked her. She could feel herself getting close, so tantalizingly close to cumming. “F-Fuckk!!” she cried out as she came, back arching as her body stiffened. The vibrator spurted out of her slick pussy as the orgasm crashed over her. 

Panting breathlessly, she reached down past her trembling thighs to turn off the buzzing vibrator. As post-orgasmic bliss engulfed her, she snuggled down into her blanket and drifted off to sleep with a satisfied smile on her face…

–     – –     – –

Monday arrived far too soon, but Kayla almost didn’t mind having work as a distraction. Anything to make the time go by faster as she waited impatiently for her package to arrive. She smiled at Scott as she paused at his cubicle, a daily morning routine before she got settled at her own desk for the day.

“Heya Scott, good morning~”

“Morning Kay, you have a good weekend?” He smiled back up at her and her heart skipped a beat at his dimpled grin. With a strong jawline, bronzed skin and an adorable curled cowlick that he could never properly tame, Scott gave Kayla mild Clark Kent vibes with his boyish charm and she found him to be simply irresistable. 

“Mm, not bad, but not long enough either.” 

“Yeah, they never are.” They both chuckled. Kayla waited for the usual follow up, it was Scott’s turn to choose where they went for lunch. “What are you feeling for lunch today? I’m thinking Gulliver’s? Really craving one of their pastrami sandwiches for some reason.”

Kayla smirked teasingly at Scott, tucking a stray strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Again? This is the fourth time this month!”

“Hey, their pastrami sandwiches are good alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. One of these days you’ll admit that you’re an addict.” Kayla gave him a flirty wave and laugh as she left to get to her own cubicle. “See you at lunch!”

Mondays were Mondays, typically spent busily catching up on whatever came in over the weekend. But Kayla’s mind was elsewhere and the first thing she did once she logged onto her computer was to check the tracking for her package. Amazingly, to her delight, the status was listed as delivered!

It was hard to focus on her work as excitement buzzed at the back of her mind. As she struggled to get through her workload for the morning, a slow realization came to her. Maybe once she’d tried on the outfit and seen how great she looks in it with her own eyes, she’d finally be able to work up the courage to ask Scott out.

Ironically, it turned out she wouldn’t have to be the one to ask after all. 

As she sat across from Scott for lunch, their plates of food nearly finished, Kayla’s mind wandered during a lull in conversation as she nibbled on her fries. As she was busy obsessing over how she couldn’t wait to get home and rip into her package, Scott cleared his throat awkwardly and brought her attention back to him. 

“So, um…got any exciting weekend plans?”

Kayla cocked a brow at him, but her heart skipped a beat in her chest. This was new, it was only Monday after all. They still had the whole week to go before their usual weekend chatter on Fridays. “Eh, you know me. Not much. Why do you ask?”

“I was just wondering if you’d…” He looked away from her briefly, his eyes darting around her before coming back to rest on her. It was strange to see Scott looking so unsure of himself. “I dunno. Wanna hang out? Maybe go to the movies or something this Saturday?”

Kayla could feel her ears heating up as a blush encroached upon her pale cheeks. Her heart beat more quickly now and she glanced coyly down at the table, mostly to hide her own elation because ohmigosh Scott was finally asking her out! Once she’d composed herself, she looked up and flashed him a bright smile. “Sounds like fun!”

The look of relief that flashed through Scott’s eyes was adorable. He also quickly regained his usual sarcastic, witty self and grinned right back at her. “Great! I guess I’ll see you Saturday then.”

As the bill came, Scott reached out without a word and covered it. Kayla said nothing but it felt like she was walking on clouds when they walked back to the office together afterwards. The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur of paperwork and daydreams.

–     – –     – –

Adrenaline trilled through her body as she finally got home to her apartment complex. Today had been such an unexpectedly great day and she knew it was about to get even better. As the elevator doors opened to her floor, she had to force herself to walk normally rather than run to her door like she wanted. 

A large box had been left leaning against her door. Her cheeks flushed a little when she noticed the pink logo emblazoned across the cardboard box: a busty maid frozen in the iconic pose of being bent at the waist, one leg cocked up behind her as she tried to reach high up with a feather duster. In beautiful calligraphy, the words Eternal Fantasy were scripted across the package. It looked like the maid was trying to dust the “T” in Fantasy. 

Quickly picking up the package, she tucked it under her arm as she fussed with her keys to get her door open. She couldn’t help but wonder how many of her neighbors had seen the package and what they thought of her. According to the tracking, it had been delivered around 10:30 am and it was well past 5 pm now. She was sure that there were bound to be some interesting rumors whispered about her behind closed doors. Oh well. Maybe she could try to pass it off as a delivery for special cleaning products if anyone asked. 

Kicking off her flats, she tossed her keys in the basket hanging next to the door before shrugging off her gray suit jacket and leaving it folded on the shoe bench. Hurrying into the kitchen, she grabbed a box cutter out of a drawer and carefully slit the packing tape. Tossing the box cutter back in its drawer, she brought the box to her living room and plopped down on the couch to open her new prized possession.

Inside was a sleek, matte black box with the same logo decorating the lid in embellished gold. Running her fingers across the logo, she loved how even the packaging felt deluxe and elegant. Pulling the lid off the box, a thick, white user’s manual sat on top of carefully wrapped tissue paper. Picking it up, she flipped through it without actually bothering to read it. Why would an outfit come with a user’s manual? Must be some care instructions on how to wash and clean it.

Skimming through the chapter contents confirmed her guess. It seemed fairly technical, instructions on how to keep the outfit in pristine condition, basic care, a service agreement, etc. Tossing the manual aside, she instead dug eagerly into the tissue paper wrapping. A sticker with the company logo held it all together. She ripped through the flimsy tissue to reveal the neatly folded maid’s outfit. 

It practically gleamed in the light, the glossy satin and silk held such a gorgeous sheen. Pulling it out of the box carefully, almost reverently, she held the dress up before her. It was a one piece dress with buttons up the front. Its sleeves flared out from the elbows, the ends trimmed with white lace. The dress would expose the top of her shoulders, while also having a relatively low cut neckline; two white ribbons hung from the middle – they were meant to be tied and attached to a separate, leather choker. 

She marveled at the way the fabric felt, rubbing it between her fingertips. So incredibly smooth and silky, it practically pooled in her lap. Picking up the choker, she couldn’t help but think that it seemed more like an elegant collar. A dainty metal ring hung from the middle – this is where the dress’ ribbons were to be decoratively tied to the choker. 

Even the dress’ accompanying accessories felt lush. Beneath the dress was the apron that brought the entire outfit together. Perfectly white satin trimmed with delicate lace, it felt almost as creamy as it looked. Its frilly straps went over the shoulders and attached to a waistband that was meant to be tied in a large bow at the small of her back. 

Next were the stockings she had chosen. While the website had provided several options, Kayla had wanted the ones with an intricate design of rose vines wrapping around. She marveled at the detail, the beautiful roses in various stages of blooming along thorny vines. She gave the tights an experimental stretch – they were supposedly completely rip and tear proof – hesitantly at first, then with more confidence and was pleased to see that they managed to stretch without losing its shape or any signs of tearing. 

Finally, a pair of glossy, lace up black heels with pointed toes sat at the bottom in its own matching black shoebox. She could practically see her own reflection staring back at her as she admired the shoes. 

Letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, Kayla arranged everything neatly on her couch before standing and holding the dress up against herself to check the fit in the mirror. The dress’ skirt flared out in soft pleats, but it was extremely short, just barely managing to cover her plump ass. The dress’ flared sleeves were actually longer than the dress itself. 

Her own flushed face stared back at her as she eyed her reflection. Holding the dress in place with one hand, her other hand ran down the front of her body, enjoying the slick sensation of the fabric against her skin. She cupped her breast through the fabric and sent a shudder down her spine as she pinched her perky nipple. 

She needed to feel it against her bare skin. She needed to be wearing the full outfit now.

Laying the dress down on the couch, she hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse with impatient fingers. Muttering soft curses at herself as her shaking hands fumbled with the tiny buttons before she was finally able to shrug her blouse off. She’d never been this thrilled by a purchase before, been…aroused this way before. Her whole body felt flushed with heat, hot with eager anticipation. 

Unhooking her bra with a practiced motion, her full breasts sprang free, hardened nipples standing erect. It didn’t take long to unbutton and unzip her gray work pants, letting them simply fall from her waist to pool around her ankles. Stepping out of them, she briefly admired herself in the full length mirror. 

Despite being her own worst critic, this was one of the rare occasions when she was in a good mood and saw herself in a positive light. She ran her hands down the front of her body, cupping her bare double D-cup breasts and squeezing them together to simulate more exaggerated cleavage. Smoothing her hands down her flat stomach, she rested them along the sides of her hips at the curve of her waist. Turning, she admired herself from the side, playfully slapping her ass to make it jiggle before she let her eyes run down her beautifully sculpted, luscious legs. The new exercise regimen she’d started a few months ago with squats, lunges and light jogging has definitely been paying off.

Looking into her own blue eyes, she explored her body with her hands before hooking her thumbs into either side of her panties and sliding them off. Even though her face was flushing, the blush practically reaching her neck, there was something incredibly hot about seeing herself this way. She looked different somehow, brimming with an inner energy…primal almost. 

She watched as her hand slipped down past her pelvis and touched her soft mound; she was wet again. Reaching for the dress, she held it up against her naked body and couldn’t help but draw a sharp intake of breath as she felt the cool silk against her bare skin. The only word she could think of to describe the sensation was…luscious

Hugging the dress to her, she nearly moaned as she practically writhed against the slick material. Gripping her breasts firmly through the fabric, her index fingers circled teasingly around her stiff nipples causing her to mewl with pleasure. 

Part of her was amazed by how turned on she was. These wanton feelings of lust, of deep seated need were inexplicable to her but she wasn’t about to deny herself the pleasure her body so obviously craved. Sliding one hand down between her legs even as the other continued to squeeze and caress at her breast, she pressed the liquid blackness of the dress against her throbbing sex.

Again, another gasp was drawn from her lips involuntarily as she pressed the flowing silk against her clit, fingers circling it through the fabric. Her head tilted back as her eyes fluttered closed, a soft moan escaping her lips while her long blonde waves slowly drifted past her pale shoulders to hang down her back. Fuck, she was already so close. How could that be? And yet, as her fingers dipped lower to press into herself, her body stiffened reflexively as her fingers stroked her inner walls, the smooth fabric a deliciously cool sensation against the heat of her core. She could cum right now if she wanted to…but instead she edged herself, wanting to draw out the delicious sensations.

Falling to her knees, still hugging the dress to herself, she started to slowly finger herself not even caring that she was getting her juices all over the dress as she essentially fucked herself with it. She alternated between inserting her fingers into her slick hole and simply stroking her labia in slow circles. Needless to say, she was practically dripping from how wet she was and she was close, oh so, so fucking close…

Leaning forwards to rest her upper body against the couch while on her knees, her greedy need to cum soon had her fingers thrusting in and out of her slick pussy. She could see her reflection moaning back at her, panting with flushed cheeks and parted lips. Wow, she thought to herself, I look like…a slut. But the word didn’t hold any negative connotations in that moment. She liked the fact that she looked like a horny slut, just begging to be fucked. For once, she reveled in her sexuality.

She could see the bottom of the fabric being pressed further and further into her needy pussy as she fingered herself. Her moans grew louder as her orgasm neared. Seeing herself in such a state only managed to turn her on more and her entire body jerked as she came with an almost startled cry. As the orgasm washed over her, causing her body to twitch even as her toes curled, she threw her head back as a silent scream ripped through her while she came in shuddering waves…

–     – –     – –

Her eyes slowly refocused as she came to. She was lying against her couch, still sitting on the floor with the dress sprawled across and underneath her. Had she passed out from that orgasm? It’d been intense, but…damn. She was kind of impressed with herself. 

Getting up and plopping back onto the couch, she picked up the dress to examine it and assess any possible damage from her earlier frenzied masturbation session. While the bottom of the dress was covered with her sticky juices, she was able to wipe it off with her hand fairly easily. It was like the fabric was waterproof, as if it repelled any substances from sticking to it. Rubbing her sticky fingers together, she looked at it thoughtfully before murmuring to it fondly. “Good thing too, if I cum like that every time I play with you.”

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been passed out from post-orgasmic bliss, but judging by the nighttime sky, it was definitely past her usual dinner time and her rumbling tummy agreed. She was eager to try the full outfit on and didn’t want to wait another minute, but it wasn’t going anywhere and she still had the whole night to herself.

Opting to make herself the quickest “meal” imaginable, she hurriedly washed her tacky hands in the kitchen sink and stuck two slices of bread in the toaster before wiping the dress clean with a wet paper towel. It didn’t take long for her to scarf down her buttered toast and that was all she allowed herself before she was once again admiring her naked reflection in the living room mirror.

Time to finally try it on…Unbuttoning the dress, on closer inspection she saw that the buttons were actually clasps that snapped together. They had an intricate interlocking pattern that Kayla had never seen on an article of clothing before. Just another small detail that made the dress such a luxurious buy, they’d thought of everything and now she wouldn’t have to worry about a button coming undone at the most inopportune time. With her luck, it was bound to happen otherwise.

Sliding her arms into the long sleeves, she began clipping the clasps together as she buttoned herself up. Each button required some care as the two steel pieces had to be pressed together and turned, sealing closed with an audible click. Her heart was beginning its familiar beat of excitement, slow at first, but picking up with each button as the dress began to be melded against the curves of her body. Her hands continued fastidiously fastening each clasp and she could feel the outfit tightening like a second skin over her sensitive body. 

At first, she had wondered if it’d be necessary to wear a bra underneath the dress, but once every clasp had been fully sealed it was obvious that the dress had built in support that naturally lifted her large breasts. The dress had a bit of a cinched waist which only served to accentuate her already dynamite hourglass figure. 

Even wearing only one piece of the full outfit, she couldn’t help but stop to admire herself briefly. The tops of her shoulders looked pale and milky in comparison to the dark fabric. Her cleavage looked greatly exaggerated, as if she were wearing a push-up bra, her breasts were pushed up so high that it was almost comical. The flared sleeves had an open slit from the elbows that could be laced closed or left decoratively open. The dress was tight, but not uncomfortable, and left nothing to the imagination as it hugged her body. She could even see her perky nipples standing erect under the fabric like two pebbles against her bosom. While the bottom of the dress managed to just cover her, a gentle breeze would’ve easily exposed her wet pussy. 

She chewed her bottom lip as she ran her hands over herself and the luscious fabric. She resisted the urge to masturbate again and instead turned to the remaining accessories. Rolling the stockings onto her dainty feet, she pulled the patterned tights up one leg at a time, savoring the smooth sensation of them as they stretched across her skin. It wasn’t until she’d pulled them up to her waist that she realized they were crotchless. What a nice surprise, that’d certainly be convenient.

Next was the choker. As she adjusted the leather choker in place, she ran her fingers over the cute frills decorating it. Tying the ribbons on the front of the dress to the ring dangling from the choker, she tried her best to tie it as a decorative bow. It managed to somehow lift her breasts even further, but at least they looked somewhat contained now. 

Satisfied, she pulled the apron’s straps in place over her shoulders before turning to look at the mirror over her shoulder as she attempted to tie the waistband into a wide ribbon resting against the small of her back. The ends of the bow rested against her rounded ass, somehow further accentuating the curve of her derriere. 

Finally, the shoes. Part of her almost didn’t want to bother with the shoes, but she needed to see the complete outfit. She’d already come so far after all, might as well go all out. And so the shoes went on and she carefully laced it up her ankles like a ballerina’s slippers. The heels were practical, only two inches tall with a wide heel rather than a thin stem. Definitely perfectly work appropriate shoes despite their elaborately decorative nature. 

Looking at herself in the mirror, her reflection smiled broadly back at her. The outfit was perfect. She just needed a feather duster and maybe a frilly headband and she’d look just like the models showcased on Eternal Fantasy’s website. She struck the same pose as their logo and giggled to herself. Briefly, she tried leaning forwards a bit more so that her breasts looked even more enhanced like the logo’s, practically about to spill out of the uniform. Even through the apron, she noticed that she could still see her rock hard nipples jutting out under the fabric.

God, she was horny.

She could feel her heartbeat thrumming as her pulse throbbed through her body, feel it in her engorged nipples and wet cunt and she knew she needed to fuck herself silly again ASAP. She wanted to get her vibrator, but her hands were already roaming along her body again. For some reason, touching herself through the uniform just felt so much better than skin on skin contact. There was something about how incredibly luscious the silky smooth fabric was that she couldn’t get enough of it.

She stopped herself before her hands dipped down into her nectar again and instead hurried to her bedroom to grab the vibrator. She could’ve just fucked herself right there in bed, but she wanted to see herself cum in the dress again. The thought almost made her blush. When had she become such a slut? Such a…narcissist

Pushing those thoughts away, she hurried back to the living room, her heels thankfully muffled by the carpeted floors. Leaning back into her couch, she spread her legs and found herself blushing at the glistening vagina peering back at her from the mirror. Her eyelids lowered lustily as her fingers slid down to slip against her slick labia, coating her fingers with her own juices. She watched her reflection through half-lidded eyes as she dipped her fingers into herself with a soft moan. Somewhat entranced by the show she was giving herself, she began slowly fingering herself, rubbing her clit with her thumb while sucking on her vibrator – tentatively at first, then with gusto as her eyes fluttered closed while she imagined it to be Scott’s throbbing cock violating her mouth and pushing against the back of her throat.

She panted as she turned the vibrator on before inserting it fully into herself with a mewled groan. It slipped into her eager snatch easily and she thrust it in and out with a gasp, her hips squirming against it as she played with her tits. Her eyes were closed, lost in pleasure as her mind ran away fantasizing about Scott. She wanted to feel his hands on her, roaming her body, squeezing her breasts tight around his thick cock as he fucked her tits, feel his fingers digging into her hips as he fucked her.

She came with a scream that her neighbors certainly wouldn’t appreciate, clenching down hard on the vibrator as she held it firmly in place before turning it off with trembling fingers. Panting breathlessly, her hands fell limply to her sides and she felt the vibrator slowly slip out of her and fall to the floor with a thump. She was so wet that it felt like she was sitting in a puddle of her own cum, but she was too tired to care. 

As her breathing leveled out, she curled up on the couch and drifted happily off to sleep, completely unaware that her new uniform was subtly twitching and rustling quietly on her body…

–     – –     – –

Kayla woke up to the sun glaring brightly in her eyes. Blinking sleepily, it took a moment of her squinting to realize that she was on the couch in her living room rather than being snuggled up in bed. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she yawned hugely and stretched only to realize that she was still wearing the maid’s uniform. 

She ran her hands over the smooth material with a happy smile, reminiscing about the pleasure she’d gotten from its liquid slickness last night. Just thinking about it was making her horny again, her thighs squeezed together in remembrance. Kayla’s always had a vivid imagination, but even she was surprised at how wet and horny this maid’s outfit and accompany fantasies were making her. 

Her throat was parched; it was probably time to get ready for work and have a quick breakfast anyway. Swinging her long legs off the couch with another yawn, her feet automatically took her to the kitchen. Filling a glass with water, she checked the time on the microwave clock. Nearly 8 am, she’d better get moving if she wanted to get to work on time.

It only took a few minutes for her to gulp down the glass of water while she prepared a repeat of last night’s “dinner.” Hurriedly, she scarfed the buttered toast down with an additional glass of orange juice before scurrying off to her bedroom to get changed. 

She couldn’t help but stop for a second to admire her reflection in her bedroom mirror. Maybe it was because she was seeing the outfit in the light of day now, but somehow, it seemed to fit even better than before. While it’d been a perfect fit, today it looked like a second skin. Her tits looked absolutely mouth watering, gripped and supported by two layers of glossy black and white fabric, her soft cleavage was temptingly grabbable. 

Doing a little spin, she twirled in front of the mirror to make her short dress flare out. Smoothing it back down in place, she looked wistfully at her reflection. The insatiable part of her wanted to masturbate yet again. Something about the uniform just made her so incredibly needy. But there was no time. “Sorry,” she said to the uniform as she reached back to untie the waistband’s ribbon, “gotta get changed for work.”

As she tugged lightly at the dangling ends of the ribbon that framed her ass, she was surprised to find that it wouldn’t budge. Odd. Had she knotted it more tightly than she’d realized? Tugging on it harder, she tried pulling the ribbon apart from different directions. The knot refused to come apart. “Damn,” she muttered to herself as she began tugging more insistently, “I wish I could tie my shoes this well.” It’d save her from another humiliating fall of tripping over her own shoelaces.

Kayla struggled futilely for a while longer before backing her ass up against the mirror and glancing over her shoulder for a better look. Her fine brows furrowed into a frown at what she saw. The knot appeared to have somehow…fused together? It was barely noticeable from a distance, but up close, there was no denying the fact that the ribbons seemed to have melted into one another to form a permanent knot. The straps’ inner linings were bonded together, the crevices filled with liquid whiteness. Yet glancing at the exterior, the ribbon still looked flawless and glistening.

“What the heck happened here?” After a few more unsuccessful attempts, she sat back to ponder her options. Her mind was racing. Why had this happened? Was this supposed to happen? Should she just cut the ribbon? But it’d been such an expensive purchase. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin the uniform, there must be another way. 

Giving it one last, vicious tug, she was suddenly overcome by a wave of weariness. Eyelids drooping, she shook her head in an attempt to clear the fog of sleepiness weighing down on her but it only seemed to make her more aware of how heavy her head suddenly felt. She needed to lie down.

“What’s…happening…?” Holding onto the wall, she leaned heavily against it as she tried to make her way across the room to her bed. A tiny part of her was still hanging on, struggling to stay awake and aware of the situation. That part of her realized that her words were practically a slurred mumble.

She collapsed onto the ground, sliding down against the wall, as sleep overcame her. As her breaths steadied to that of deep sleep, her uniform once again began to ever so subtly twitch and rustle as it continued bonding with its new host…

While Kayla slept, her dreams slowly took shape and traveled down a very particular path. Kayla had sexy dreams quite often, but today’s were quite different from the usual steamy shenanigans. Today’s dreams were all about centered on obedience and control – strict and severe bondage that Kayla had never even imagined.

–     – –     – –

The next time Kayla’s eyes fluttered open, it took a moment before her mind understood what she was seeing. As she struggled awake, there was a strong nagging sensation at the back of her mind, like an alarm that had gone off only to be snoozed – something was not quite right. 

First, she realized that she wasn’t in her bedroom like she last remembered. 

A slow panicky sensation was stirring in her, rising as she became more aware. Bringing her hands up to rub at her tired eyes, she flinched back in surprise. Her hands were wet! Not just damp, but dripping wet and sudsy. 

Blinking as she looked at her hands, she noticed a few things all at once. She was standing in her kitchen; her previously unpolished nails were now beautifully manicured with a bright crimson red; the tight sleeves of the maid’s uniform glistened on her arms – she was still wearing the full outfit; for some reason she was standing at her kitchen sink, now full of soapy water while a pile of dirty dishes sat neatly stacked beside the sink on her chopping board. 

“What…the fuck,” she whispered uncertainly to herself. The wave of panic she’d begun to feel earlier was quickly rising. Had she been sleep walking? She’d never slept walked before though. But…sleep-washing the dishes? Who does that? Do people do that? Was this even possible or was she still dreaming? “What is happening?!” 

Gripping the edge of the countertop to steady herself, her manicured hands were starting to freak her out. When had she done her nails? She always struggled to do her nails perfectly and these looked professionally done. Rinsing her soapy hands clean, she dried them haphazardly on her apron before looking closely at her nails. Maybe they were just fake stick on pieces?

No, they were definitely her own nails.

Stepping nervously away from the sink, no sooner had her heel clad foot left the ground when a deafening siren sounded in three brief shrieks. Startled, Kayla reacted with a frightened scream before immediately dropping into a crouch. Jerking away instinctively from the sound, her hands went up to her ears in a useless attempt to block out the horrible noise. “WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?!” She shouted to no one, her voice lost in the loudness of the blaring drones. 

It stopped just as suddenly as it had begun. Three brief, but deafeningly loud, shrieks like a blaring siren. Kayla’s ears rang in the ensuing silence. Just as she brought her hands away from her ringing ears, tentatively looking around for the source of the alarm, a female, mechanical voice began speaking.


“What the…where…?” Scrambling up, she looked around frantically, confusedly searching for the source of the voice. As she stepped further away from the sink, wanting to search the rest of her apartment, the evil Alexa robo voice chimed in again.


“Punishment mode? Wha–” Before Kayla could fully comprehend what was happening, both her arms were suddenly jerked back by her elbows, locking her arms in place by her sides. The long sleeves began wrapping around her torso until she found herself restrained as if she were wearing a straitjacket. “Oh god,” she whimpered fearfully as her outfit came to life. The decorative laces wrapping around her ankles and calves began snaking towards each other before merging, locking her legs in place.

She found herself forced to her knees, the outfit manipulating her in such a way that she couldn’t even struggle to fight back. Once on her knees, she was made to lean forwards so that her face was planted against the cool tiles of her kitchen floor while her ass was arched up in the air. She could feel the cool air against her naked crotch. 


“Oh god, oh god, ohgodohgodohgod,” Kayla began struggling anew, frantically trying to wriggle free of the sleeves, to break the binds around her ankles, to get up, anything. But all were futile attempts as her mechanical captor mercilessly kept her in place. Her stream of frantic prayers quickly changed to a panicky mantra of “This isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. This isn’t real. I must be dreaming. I need to wake up. I need to wake up. Wake up, wake up!”


Each time evil Alexa announced the words “punishment” and “discipline” Kayla’s heart skipped a beat in anxious trepidation. But now, with the additional choices of pain or other also thrown into the mix, Kayla felt like she was stuck in a living nightmare.

“OTHER!” she shouted desperately. Who knew what kind of pain this outfit could inflict? Kayla didn’t want to find out, but she also dreaded whatever “other” insinuated. It was certainly a gamble, but there was no time for regrets.

The itching started without warning.

She felt the itch in both her vagina and anus. Just barely noticeable at first, but it quickly became deep and intense. It was like she had a yeast infection but a hundred times worse. This wasn’t an itch that could simply be ignored. She desperately needed to scratch it, satisfy it. Fill it, plug it, anything, anything to somehow satisfy the urge. 

As the itching intensified, she could feel herself getting wet as she reflexively clenched her pelvic muscles, trying her best to somehow relieve herself of the itch. “How…is this…happening,” she panted. Completely immobilized, she wanted so badly to plunge her fingers into her dripping cunt and tight ass. Finger herself good, hard and deep until the friction satisfied the itch. No, her fingers wouldn’t be enough. She needed something, anything, inside of her and she needed it NOW. 

But her uniform kept her firmly in place and she was practically sobbing with need. This was a new kind of torture that she’d never anticipated. It was like edging almost, but so much worse. She felt like she was slowly being driven crazy with need, her whole body trembling with effort as her muscles clenched and unclenched, clenched and unclenched trying to satisfy the uncontrollable desire of the itching. 

How much longer would this last? She couldn’t think, her entire focus was honed in on trying to escape this inescapable punishment. It had only been a minute, but to Kayla it felt like an eternity of agony as she suffered motionlessly. Only her ragged breaths and sobbed gibberish could be heard now that evil Alexa had fallen silent. 

Unbeknownst to Kayla, the slavery programs running through her second skin were brutally efficient at maintaining her arousal levels. Her body had been flooded with microscopic nanomachines during the uniform’s bonding process. These machines were now activating and increasing Kayla’s sensitivity. She’d never felt anything like the stimulation she was currently enduring. It felt like she was being caressed all over, all along her body but also from the inside. Yet the pleasure was never quite enough because of the constant, maddening itch counterbalancing it. 

Sometimes it felt like an unpleasant tingling, like ants marching in and out of her pores. Sometimes it felt like she were being covered with a million tiny bites, being devoured from all angles. She whimpered, thrashed and screamed helplessly on the kitchen floor but was unable to move even the tiniest bit. The incessant itching had spread out from her crotch and she could feel the tingling beginning to assault her breasts… 

Five eternal minutes later, Kayla’s limbs were abruptly released. 

She promptly collapsed, a quivering mess. Panting breathlessly, her blonde locks were plastered to her sweating face. Released from her bindings, her shoulders ached even as her thighs trembled. Relief coursed through her, but it was short lived.


She jerked upwards with a panicky start, shakily getting onto her hands and knees before using the kitchen counter to help pull herself up. Stumbling to the front door, she hurriedly unlocked it before yanking the door open. She hadn’t been expecting a package, but obviously she hadn’t done her fair share of research into Eternal Fantasy and its products because she hadn’t expected any of the events that had just occurred.

Lugging the new package in, the familiar logo was starting to become a symbol of dread rather than excitement. Bringing it quickly back into the kitchen, she was relieved to have made it within the 30 second time limit. With no further instructions, she fetched the box cutter and opened the package. 

Inside, arranged neatly in another large black box lined with felt, was a variety of accessories she never expected. A feather duster, except the handle tapered off into a silicone oblong shape at the end; a large black dildo; a silicone breathable ball gag; an o-ring gag; a wooden paddle with various sized holes in it; padded cuffs for both hands and ankles; and finally a leash. 

Kayla stepped away from the box, afraid that it might also suddenly spring to life like her uniform.


It took a second before Kayla realized it meant the dishes she had apparently been washing in her sleep. She still wasn’t completely sure how that had happened, but wasn’t about to question it. Her very recent experience with its punishment system had her hurrying to the sink and diligently washing her own dishes even though she had a perfectly capable dishwasher. 

As she washed the dishes, her mind wandered. It was a relief that the evil Alexa that had apparently taken up residence in her head was leaving her alone to her thoughts. Thinking about the various sex accessories in the package she’d just received, she felt nervous apprehension as she wondered how exactly they would be used. It was like her body was alerted to her thoughts and she began feeling that familiar need again. Briefly, she wondered how good it’d feel to have that thick dildo stretching her pussy…

Drying off the last clean dish and putting it away, evil Alexa promptly made note.


Kayla immediately began tearing at the malevolent uniform. The apron straps were still bonded together, so she reached for the box cutter and began to determinedly hack and slice at the ribbons. When it became clear that the material wouldn’t cut, she reached underneath the apron to try to tear the dress open at its buttoned clasps. Even pulling with all her might until she was literally red in the face, the dress somehow managed to stay miraculously intact.

She tried everything she could think of, but it soon became apparent that the uniform was indestructible.

Ten minutes later and she was sitting on the kitchen floor looking rather defeated. A variety of tools lay scattered around her. Scissors, a chef’s knife, a lighter, a box cutter…As her eyes rested on the box cutter, her face suddenly lit up as she bounced back up onto her feet and hurried into the living room. 

“There it is!” Snatching up the instruction manual she’d neglected to read the night before, she quickly scanned the first page.

Thank you for purchasing your Eternal Fantasy! You have joined the ranks of an elite group of dedicated practitioners of sadomasochism who choose to live out their deepest, darkest fantasies as a lifestyle decision.

After years of research in physiology, psychology, nano technology and hundreds of other fields, we have created the ultimate in costumes and uniforms that cover every genre of sexual archetype. 

Congratulations on your purchase of our state of the art product, handmade and custom tailored to your specifications. Once properly activated, these costumes are impossible to remove. Equipped with multiple conditioning programs, it is guaranteed to keep you fully committed to your fantasy.

Kayla read on with increasing horror. When they said “fully committed” they seriously meant it. The outfits didn’t activate simply by being worn. You had to engage in significant sexual activity while wearing it. Remembering her lusty masturbation sessions from the night before, she’d definitely completed that task rather thoroughly. 

A Master could be assigned to a slave, but if no master was assigned the programming would take over. It ensured that the slave would be administered the proper discipline and training regiment required. A slave was denied the pleasure of reaching orgasm – this was a reward that only a Master could allow. If there was no Master, the program would allow it if specifically programmed to do so before activation.

Kayla obviously hadn’t programmed the uniform to do anything!

The reality of being perpetually denied the ability to cum was weighing heavily on her, but Kayla felt a little glimmer of hope when she read that she could still have a master of her own choice assigned to her. However, once she’d chosen, only her master could release her. Dread quickly quashed the tiny glimmer of hope she felt. Who could she possibly ask? Her mother? God, she’d just die from the shame. 

Feeling defeated, dismayed at how her latest purchase had brought her such joy and was now bringing her such distress, she sat staring off into space on the couch. In the ensuing silence, she heard something…vibrating?

Following the sound, she found her phone vibrating in her purse – completely forgotten on her shoe bench after yesterday’s excitement of opening the package containing her current living nightmare. Unlocking her phone, she noticed a few things: it was now nearly 1 pm, the morning had flown by and she wondered how long she’d been knocked unconscious by her dreaded eternal fantasy; she had an unread text and an unhappy voicemail from her manager, Michael; there were a handful of concerned texts and missed calls from Scott. 

Oh gosh, Scott. Quickly, she read through his texts.

9:17 am – Morning Kay, did you sleep in today? Hope you’re on your way to work. Gonna call you in 5 mins to wake you up! 
9: 42 am – Mike’s not looking happy but I told him you’d be in soon. Don’t make me a liar!
10:49 am – Heya Kay, everything okay? LMK you’re OK
11:13 am – Hope you’re alright. Guessing your phone’s on silent. Worried about you!
11:58 am – Guess you won’t be making it for lunch today =( More Gulliver’s for me then!
12:17 pm – [attached: picture of a pastrami sandwich with fries]
12:17 pm – Just me and the pastrami today
12:42 pm – Hope you’re enjoying lunch at home

It was just a little past 1 pm now and it looked like she’d just missed another call from Scott. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as an idea slowly started forming. 

She could ask Scott.

Obviously she had dreamt of showing her new outfit to him under very different circumstances, and hoped to wait until after they’d gone on their first date and confirmed that he actually was into her but…life happens and life currently found her in quite the predicament. 

She hurriedly texted him back: Plz come over ASAP, need help!


The sudden return of evil Alexa’s robotic monotone startled Kayla mid-text, causing her to drop her phone before she hit Send. Cursing at how clumsy and jumpy she was, she quickly picked it up and hit Send. Quietly holding her phone in her hands, she held it to her chest in contemplative meditation. Squeezing her eyes shut, she sent silent prayers out to the unknown with all her might.

Please. If there’s anyone out there. If there really is a god…please, please help me out of this fucked up situation…


Kayla waited with bated breath, wondering what was next on her agenda. 


“Supplies run?” Rather than questioning evil Alexa, Kayla flipped through the instruction manual and skimmed through what a default training regiment consisted of. It seemed like this was the time to pick up weekly necessities such as groceries and other day to day supplies. Apparently she’d spent most of the morning cleaning, which would explain why her apartment was tidier than usual as well as her waking up in the middle of doing dishes earlier…

Three hours! Ideas started running excitedly through her mind, so many things she could do within three hours. Her thoughts felt jumbled, there were so many at once. Too many to sort through and tackle one at a time. 

Pushing them away, she hurried to her computer with newfound determination. It didn’t take long for her to enter her query into Google; there must be others who’ve found themselves in the same situation as her, right? There must be.

Yet every article that appeared wasn’t helpful in the least. Similar to when Kayla had attempted to do more research into Eternal Fantasy and its products before purchasing, most of the links simply went back to the main page of their website, were absolutely glowing reviews, or were various unhelpful rumors.


“What?!” Glancing at the time displayed on the corner of her monitor, roughly five minutes had passed. She didn’t know how to communicate with evil Alexa but anxiety sat heavy in the pit of her stomach as she remembered her latest punishment. 

“I-I don’t need any supplies!” While not entirely true – she did actually need groceries – evil Alexa didn’t know that..or did she? It felt silly to be talking to herself, but she didn’t know how else she could manage to get her point across. 


Kayla sprang up from her desk, hurrying to the front door. She didn’t know if the outfit was on some kind of remote GPS tracking system or if she was being watched or whether she needed to communicate verbally every time. She decided to assume the worst; that all three of her fears applied. As evil Alexa continued counting down, she shouted back as she quickly grabbed her purse. “I’M GOING! I’M GETTING SUPPLIES!” …and she was out the door. 

Her pulse rushed through her ears as she stood flustered in the hallway. Turning on auto-pilot, she locked the door before realizing two things: evil Alexa had stopped counting, which was a relief…but she’d forgotten to grab a jacket or coat. It wasn’t the weather that she was worried about. Glancing down at herself, dressed only in her elaborate second skin, she suddenly felt awfully exposed – the dress was so tight, her nipples were twin pebbles adorning her breasts, she had no panties on…she might as well be naked. 

But crossing the threshold of her home to grab a coat…triggering evil Alexa just seemed like a bad idea.

Looking down the hallway, she was relieved to see that no one else was around. Considering how it was the middle of the day, everyone was probably still at work. Don’t think about it, Kayla. Just suck it up and act casual. With that little pep talk to herself, she headed down the hall to call the elevator. 

As she stood waiting for the elevator, she tried not to fidget as she stared at her blurry reflection in the smooth chrome doors. She could see the telltale flush of pink starting to make its way up her neck to color her cheeks. She shuffled uncomfortably in anticipation as the elevator dinged to her floor. God, she hoped no one was inside when the doors opened…

Despite mentally telling herself to act casual, to keep her head held high, she found herself standing anxiously to the side, practically hiding herself against the wall as the elevator doors slowly opened. She felt ridiculous, hiding in plain sight. Peeking in, she let out a sigh of relief. Empty. 

Darting inside, her reflection blushed uncertainly back at her, fidgeting anxiously as she tried to pull her skirt down further. The reality of the task was starting to settle in as she realized what obstacles were ahead of her.

She didn’t have a car. But the nearest grocery store was thankfully only a few blocks away. It was small and its selection was limited, but it had all the essentials and would do in a pinch. Hopefully evil Alexa found it acceptable because Kayla did not want to get on a bus or train to get to the supermarket she usually visited. 

As the elevator came to a stop at the first floor, she found herself holding her breath again as she waited for the doors to open. With her eyes glued determinedly to the floor, she made a beeline for the building entrance and hoped that no one was around in the mailroom or lobby to see her. 

Exiting the building, she could feel every little breeze kissing against her pussy, caressing her bare ass. The weather was pleasant and it was a gorgeous spring day, but goosebumps covered her skin as she shivered from feeling the open air breathing across her body in intimate places she’d never felt before. Kayla was incredibly aware of the fact that anyone walking behind her could probably see the bottom of her buttcheeks at the very least. Part of her hated to admit that the thought excited her.

Her face felt feverishly hot and she knew her cheeks probably looked like they were glowing. Head down, feet forward, she trudged on towards the grocery store as quickly as possible while maintaining small steps so as not to disturb her skirt – the last thing she needed was for it to ride up due to her taking long strides. Clip clop clip clop, the sound of her heels only made her more aware of each step she took. Each step had the possibility of causing her skirt to lift – even just the tiniest fraction would show off her bare pussy – each careful placement of her foot against the ground could end in a misstep. 

She’d never power walked so fast, yet so carefully in her life.

She flinched when a car honked nearby, but didn’t dare look up to confirm whether it had been meant for her. Likewise when she heard a wolfish whistle from across the street. Just get to the grocery store, Kayla. Ignore everything else. Yet part of her kind of wished that whistle had come from behind her…part of her was curious whether anyone was checking her out.

It was a relief to finally arrive at her destination; she was doubly relieved that evil Alexa hadn’t made a reappearance to instruct her otherwise. Half the time she’d been expecting evil Alexa to tell her she was going the wrong way or about to countdown to another “disciplining” punishment. While she was glad to be off the street, she was also thankful that her impromptu shopping trip was taking place when most people were still at work. 

Picking up a shopping basket, she wandered into the nearest aisle – not because she was interested in the goods there, well, maybe a little bit…It was mostly so she could hide while she considered her options. She had three hours. Ehh, probably two hours and forty minutes at this point. Should she spend the majority of her time stalling here? Maybe Scott could meet her here? Rummaging through her purse, she almost cried as she cursed herself and her carelessness. She’d left her phone at home. Fuck.

With her choices limited, she turned to her current task instead. She did need some groceries after all.

It was probably halfway through her shopping that she noticed it. While she’d received various surprised and startled looks when people first spotted her, their gazes were quickly averted as they attempted to ignore her blatant public indecency. Kayla, while bashful and perpetually blushing, managed to keep her head down and ignore the furtive glances. She could feel eyes on her back – some curious, others scandalized, and a few…oh, yes… 

A few couldn’t look away and she could feel the heat of their gaze following her pert ass, feel the intensity as they fucked her with their eyes. Sometimes she would glance over her shoulder, partly out of curiosity and partly because she wondered if maybe it was all in her head. But after a few glances, she confirmed that it wasn’t all in her head.

He was most definitely following her.

The realization thrilled her, with just a tiny bit of apprehension that she quickly squashed down. Surely nothing would happen, he wouldn’t dare to be so bold. With those reassuring thoughts, she brought her shopping basket to checkout and tried not to squirm uncomfortably as the cashier scanned her items while surreptitiously sneaking glances at her scandalous maid’s outfit. The cashier managed to keep a perfectly blank expression when she spoke to Kayla and Kayla couldn’t help but feel a little impressed by her professionalism.

Picking up her bags, Kayla was relieved to be heading back to the safety of her home, away from curious prying eyes. Weighed down by her new purchases, her walk back was slower but she determinedly watched each step she took, one foot in front of the other. It was only when she was halfway home that she realized she still felt the uncomfortable pinprick of a steady gaze drilling through her shoulder blades. 

Glancing behind her, she was startled to see the guy from the grocery store still following her. He didn’t even have any shopping bags on him. That earlier thrill of knowing she was an object of desire shifted uneasily to that of anxious trepidation. She picked up her pace, walking slightly faster. 

Clip clop clip clop but now she also heard the shuffling steps of the man behind her, his steps shadowing hers while obscured by the sharp clacking of her heels. As she reached the end of the block, she waited impatiently for the light to change so she could cross the street. C’mon, c’mon…just another block till she was home…

The casual shuffling came closer, closer, closer…the hair on the back of her neck prickled as she felt him standing far too close behind her. Just ignore him, Kayla. Ignore him and he’ll go away. Don’t give him the satisfaction of your attention…

She squeaked, jumping forwards with a startled squeal as something brushed against her exposed pussy. Spinning around, she was shocked to see the man grinning down at his hand before looking hungrily up at her. “I knew you weren’t wearing any panties,” he looked a bit astonished, like a kid in a candy store who couldn’t believe their luck. 

“T-That…that doesn’t give you any right to touch me!” Kayla stammered back defiantly, backing away from him. She couldn’t believe how bold this prick was. In broad daylight! Suddenly fueled by outrage, she spat at him furiously. “Stay the fuck away from me asshole!”

The light finally changed and she marched angrily across the street, hurrying towards her apartment. Still following behind her, she could practically see the sneer on his face as he jeered lewdly after her. “Dressed like that? You’re just begging for someone to touch you. I’m doing you a favor. C’mon babe, you’re already wet for it.” She heard him making mmm sounds and glancing behind her shoulder, she saw that he was sucking lewdly on his fingers. “You’re just ripe for the picking, aren’t you? I bet you were hoping someone would bend you over in one of those aisles and fuck you right there, huh?”

She was tempted to whirl around and swing one of her grocery bags right into his face. Or maybe into his crotch. Yes, that would be way more satisfying…


Now she did actually whirl around, surprised at hearing her name called. 

“Scott?” Her heart skipped a beat in utter joy and relief when she spotted him across the street. As he crossed towards them, intercepting the guy who’d been stalking her from the grocery store, she saw that his expression was both concerned and bewildered while also uncomfortably trying not to stray from her face. Ah, she thought to herself, he’s such a gentleman trying not to stare at my outfit…

“Is this…” Scott motioned at her horny stalker, “guy bothering you?” Kayla beamed happily at him, already feeling a thousand times safer standing beside him.

“Hey man,” he put his hands up amiably, shrugging nonchalantly, but he didn’t back away. “I didn’t do anything she wasn’t asking for.”

Kayla bristled indignantly but Scott cut in before she could rudely curse him out again. “So what exactly was she asking for?” he asked calmly, stepping between the stalker and Kayla.

“Come on man…I mean…look at her,” the stalker offered. Kayla’s cheeks flushed with…she wasn’t entirely sure what emotion she was feeling. Embarrassment? Shame? She almost didn’t want Scott to look at her. This wasn’t how she’d wanted to show him her new outfit. “C’mon,” he sneered, “who dresses like that when they’re not looking to get fucked? Flashing her pussy at me…all I did was have a little touch.” The cocky grin he flashed Kayla made her blood boil and twin spots of rage glowed red, high on her cheeks. 

Scott’s clenched fist flashed across the guy’s face. He staggered backwards with an audible crunch of cartilage, crying out in pained surprise. His hands shot up to his face only to come away bloodied.

“What the fuck man?!” the horny guy yelled as twin rivulets of blood dripped from his fractured nose.

“What she wears is none of your business,” Scott said, his voice was calm and matter-of-fact but he spoke through gritted teeth. “It’s not an invitation for you to follow her home. It’s not giving you permission to lay hands on her, and you have no right to tell her that she was asking for it.”

“Fuck off man, you broke my fucking nose!! Fuck you and your girl, fucking slut.” With those insults thrown at them, he spat a blood tinged wad of spit at their feet before storming off, one hand tenderly pinching at his bloodied nose.

Kayla’s blue eyes were wide as she stared up at Scott in surprise. She hadn’t expected…well, that! Scott recovered his posture more quickly than she did and flashed her an apologetic grimace. “I’m sorry you had to see that,” his contrite expression was too cute not to forgive, though honestly Kayla should be thanking him.

“Thank you!” She said it a bit too late, an awkward pause stretching into a momentary silence. “You saved me,” she finished bashfully. 

He cleared his throat awkwardly, as if suddenly self-conscious of her gratitude. His eyes roamed over her ever so briefly before flitting away. “Here, let me help you.” Taking some of her grocery bags, he lightened her load considerably as they headed back to her apartment. 

With Scott by her side, Kayla didn’t feel quite as uncomfortably self-conscious of her outfit and how exposed it left her. While a part of her felt humiliated by the whole situation, the other part of her still secretly hoped that he liked what he saw. He made her feel…safe somehow.

“So, uhm…” he cleared his throat, awkwardly breaking the silence. They were nearly at her apartment now, only half a block away. “Was that…was that the help you needed?”

Kayla almost chuckled at his question. If only that asshole had been the worst of her problems. “No, I…” She wasn’t sure how to start, how to explain this ridiculous situation she was currently stuck in. Even just thinking about it in her head, it sounded completely made up. No one would believe such a far fetched story…Oh yea, I just unknowingly purchased some sort of newfound super hi-tech mecha uniform suit that I then accidentally didn’t set up properly and now it has me trapped in some sort of inescapable nightmarish discipline regimen. 

Yea, Scott would definitely believe that. 

“I fucked up,” she finally stated. They had just reached her apartment building. Scott looked at her curiously with raised brows while still being a complete gentleman and opening the doors for her. Kayla gave him a little nod of thanks before slipping in through the doors first and waiting at the elevator for him.

Pressing the button to call the elevator, she looked him squarely in the eyes and repeated, “I fucked up, but I could really use your help…if…if you don’t mind of course.”

“Sure,” he stated with interest. The elevator doors pinged open. 

When they closed again, the ensuing silence was too much for Kayla. Every second felt like forever. She could feel the unspoken question burning in the air, hanging over them. Turning to Scott, she blurted out in a hurried stream, “I ordered this maid outfit online ‘cus I thought it was so goddamn cute but I didn’t realize how hi-tech it actually is and didn’t read the stupid user’s manual because why would you need a user’s manual for a cute outfit? And now I’m trapped in it and I can’t take it off!”

She could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment at her outburst. Thankfully the elevator had reached her floor and the doors pinged open at the perfect moment. Scott’s expression was a mix of confusion, surprise and skepticism. Before he could say anything, she stepped out of the elevator and headed down the hall towards her apartment, talking over her shoulder as she went.

“I know it sounds like a load of nonsense but I’m not pulling your leg, okay? I’m serious! Look just, let me show you. It’s easier if you just saw it for yourself.” She grumbled under her breath as she fussed with her key in the lock and finally swung open her apartment door. Stepping through the threshold, Kayla was actually relieved when evil Alexa automatically piped up.


“What the–” Scott looked around in confusion, trying to find the source of evil Alexa’s disembodied voice.

Dropping her shopping bags on the ground, Kayla motioned wildly at herself and her outfit. “You see? It’s this outfit! My outfit is what just talked! I’m stuck in it and it’s an evil taskmaster!”

Placing his shopping bags down carefully, Scott was eyeing her more critically now. Meanwhile, Kayla tried to demonstrate how inescapable the outfit was. Tugging on the ribbons, trying to unfasten the clips and buttons, all to no avail. 

“Okay,” Scott said in his usual calm tone. It kind of infuriated Kayla. How could he stay so calm? “You said there was a user’s manual?”

“Yes! Here.” Leading him back to her living room, she showed him the user’s manual. As Scott slowly flipped through it, scanning the pages meticulously, Kayla’s impatience slowly morphed to shy trepidation as she realized what she’d have to ask next. Once again, she found herself wondering what he thought of her in the outfit. Did he find it sexy? Or was he completely turned off by how slutty it made her?

She found her eyes wandering over him, admiring him with fresh eyes. Scott was handsome to say the least. She often fantasized that he was her Clark Kent, just more tan, a brunette without glasses. He was tall and broad shouldered and she knew he kept himself in good shape even if she never got to see him shirtless. Her eyes traveled up his body, lingering ever so briefly on his crotch before she looked bashfully up and away only to find Scott’s dark eyes watching her over the manual he held. 

She blushed even hotter, wondering if he’d seen her looking at him inappropriately. Was it just her imagination, or were his eyes smoldering as they stared back into her blue orbs?

Without breaking eye contact, he asked softly, “So…if I’m reading this right, it seems like the only way for you to get out of your current…predicament is if you get assigned a…Master?”

Kayla blushed so fiercely, she could feel her ears burning. She felt pinned to the spot, unable to look away, captured by his gaze. She barely nodded, her voice small when she spoke. “Y-Yes…”

Setting the manual aside on her coffee table, he took a step closer to her. That step was all it took to make Kayla’s head spin. She could feel the warmth radiating from his body, inches away from her. The small distance between them felt electrifying. She could smell the scent of his cologne, an almost spicy musk that she breathed in deeply. She didn’t flinch away from him when his fingers reached out to twine a strand of her soft, blonde hair behind her ear. 

His words were just as gentle as his touch, but there was a burning intensity in his gaze that made excited butterflies flutter around in Kayla’s stomach. “Do you…” he swallowed hesitantly before continuing, “Do you want me to be your Master?” She could almost see the flicker of uncertainty in his eyes and it only made her heart swell for him. It was so goddamn cute how sweet he was.

Maybe it was hearing the words come out of his mouth. Maybe it was how close he was to her, leaving her light headed. Whatever it may be, it was suddenly all too much. Maybe she’d forgotten to breathe again. Regardless, she found herself on her knees, legs suddenly too weak to stand. Kneeling before him, he seemed endlessly tall as she craned her neck back to keep eye contact. Kneeling before him somehow felt right and she realized she could feel how wet she was, her eagerness seeping through her stockings. 

“Yes,” she whispered reverently. She watched as a mix of emotions play across his features. Relief, happiness, uncertainty, lust. And it was all the unspoken encouragement she needed from him. Looking down at his crotch, she could see that there was a visible outline of his erect cock straining against his pants. He wanted her. The thought thrilled her. It was all the reassurance she’d needed from him. 

Before he could think to instruct her, she took initiative and reached up to gingerly unbuckle his belt. Her eyes never left his, her movements always questioning, hesitant until he’d given her an almost imperceptible nod of approval. As her fingers pulled his belt loose, she heard his breath hitch in anticipation. It didn’t take long for her to unzip him and fish his hard cock out of his boxers to stand at attention before her. A drop of pre-cum beaded at the tip and she couldn’t help but lick her lips as she stared at his weeping cock. Was he this hard for her because of the unforeseen power dynamic? Or was it due to her outfit?

Looking up at him, her eyes asked him for permission to suck on his straining cock. He’d barely nodded before her tongue gently lapped up the bead of pre-cum, a thin spider’s web trailing between the tip of his cock and her tongue as she pulled away before kissing the velvety tip. “Fuck, Kayla…” he breathed, the words strained through gritted teeth. “I can’t…”

She didn’t have to hear the rest of the sentence. His hands reaching out to her was all the warning she needed before his fingers twined into her hair, pulling her towards him even as he pushed his hips forward. Kayla opened her mouth wide to accommodate him as he pushed the length of his thick cock into her mouth, slowly at first but his restraint quickly melted with each stroke of her nimble tongue against his veiny shaft and soon he was fucking her face while she used her hands to stroke his shaft and massage his balls whenever her mouth and tongue wasn’t slurping the length of him. 

It was everything she’d dreamed of, but better. All those nights spent fantasizing about Scott with her vibrator…finally tasting him, licking him, sucking and slurping him, Kayla couldn’t get enough of him. She bobbed her head along his shaft as best she could, trying to take more of him into her mouth each time until he was pressing against the back of her throat with each thrust. It was hard to breathe, the scent of him was overpowering but she loved how heady it was.

Just as she was starting to find a rhythm, he pulled out leaving her gasping with spittle clinging to her pouty, swollen lips. Scott was also breathing hard, his eyes looked a bit wild as he looked down at her, his hands still fisted in her hair while she panted, wide-eyed, up at him. She wondered what he saw in her. Whatever it was, it made his slick cock throb as it visibly twitched before her. She opened her mouth wide, tongue out, wanting to lap at the tantalizing tip of his cock. But he held her back. 

“Kayla,” the word was practically a low growl punctuated with raw need. The ferocity of lusty desire in his voice had her squirming. He didn’t have to tell her what he wanted, she was craving it too.

Turning so that her upper body was mostly leaning on the couch, she knelt with her back to him. Looking over her shoulder, she reached back to spread her asscheeks and slick lips – already dripping wet and swollen with need. Despite feeling bashful, she couldn’t help but want to boldly show herself off to him and was pleased to see his eyes riveted to her wet cunt, fully exposed for him. She loved the way his cock twitched, desperate to plunge deep into her.

Shyly, she felt like she was finally living out her fantasy as she asked, “Please Master, please…fuck me with your thick cock.” Her cheeks were flushed as she stammered the words out bashfully. They felt foreign on her tongue at first but…so right.

“Fuck, Kayla…” Dropping to his knees behind her, his hands reached out to palm at her bare ass. The feel of his warm hands squeezing her plump ass sent shivers tingling up her spine. She let out a little moan as his fingers dipped into her, sliding up her slit. She bit her lip to stop herself from whimpering needily, tried to stop herself from pushing back against him greedily. “You’re so fucking wet,” he breathed. “God, Kayla, you’re so fucking gorgeous, I…” 

She could hear the struggle in his voice as he tried to fight against his base instincts. As much as she admired Scott’s willpower, she didn’t want to be treated gently. Pushing her ass up against him so that she could grind her wet slit against his rock hard erection, they were both left panting with need. “Please Scott…Master, please. Please, fuck me, I need it. I need your cock in me, please.” Kayla whimpered the words out, a breathy stream of pleading cries as she grinded her hips against him. 

Scott didn’t need to hear more. With one hand resting on her ass, the other around her waist, he slowly thrusted himself fully into her with a groan. She arched back into him with a mewled cry as he filled her completely and for a moment, they stayed connected in perfect bliss. That second was just a prelude to more and soon he was fucking her into the couch while she screamed into the cushions as he pounded into her wet cunt. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her clit with each thrust, feel the tip of his cock ramming satisfyingly against her cervix making her toes curl even as her fingers dug into the couch cushions. 

A random string of words were streaming out of her mouth as he fucked her, a garbled mix of oh god and fuckfuckohfuck. Kayla tried to grind her hips back to meet Scott’s in a rhythm, but he was ramming into her so deeply that it was all she could do to hold her ass up in place for him as he pushed her further and further into the couch. It’d been so long since she’d had a live cock in her, she’d forgotten how good it felt and he brought her to screaming orgasm after orgasm until she’d lost count. 

Meanwhile, Scott’s stamina left her breathless as he pistoned into her. She’d cum so many times at this point that she could feel her own wetness dripping down her inner thighs. As insatiable as she’d been, Scott’s dick was bringing her waves of satisfaction and she loved every second of the battering abuse her eager pussy was taking. She loved the feeling of his fingers digging into her and hoped that it’d leave bruised marks for her to admire later. 

Suddenly, she felt his fingers brushing against her clit before rubbing it firmly. This only sent her down another spiraling scream of yesssfuckyes as she came again, clenching wildly down on his throbbing shaft. His answering groan was hot against her ear as he leaned over her. A choked gasp of “Kayla” was her only warning before he buried himself balls deep in her and came so hard that she felt every pulse as he spurted inside her, filling her with hot cum. 

For a moment they simply lay there, collapsed on the couch, heavy pants intermingling. He kissed her sweetly on her cheek and atop her head before he got up; she whimpered as she felt him pulling out of her twitching pussy, she could feel his hot cum starting to dribble out of her well used cunt and mixing with her own juices as they trailed down her inner thigh. Her legs felt like jello and she could barely move, yet at the same time she already missed feeling his dick in her. 

All at once, her uniform began vibrating, a low hum emanated from it. Sitting up abruptly in alarm, Kayla’s frantic eyes met with Scott’s bewildered ones and then the uniform fell silent. Before either of them could figure out what had happened, Kayla felt the uniform loosening as the ribbons finally unknotted themselves and fell free as her apron slid into her lap in a pool of silky fabric. 

Kayla was utterly beaming at Scott now as she realized the uniform must’ve reprogrammed itself to a new Master. “You did it,” she whispered, smiling happily up at him with the loose apron in her hands. 

Having tucked himself back into his pants, he knelt down in front of her, gathering her into his arms. She was still quivering from their rough, impromptu fucking, but she leaned back and let herself melt against his chest. She let her eyes drift closed as she nuzzled against him, loving how she smelled like him, loving the smell of him as he embraced her. She smiled as she felt his fingers clumsily attempting to unbutton her outfit, his voice warm in her ear. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up…”

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