Trouble in Pandora

The weather was miserable – blustering wind buffeted sheets of icy rain through the streets of the City of London. Any unfortunate pedestrians quickly found themselves drenched despite futile attempts to keep the weather at bay with flimsy umbrellas.

Kelly was one of the few struggling with the regrettable weather as she trudged through the financial district. Her Ugg boots were doing their best to keep her feet warm but she could feel the rain slowly seeping in through the thick fabric. 

Cursing under her breath, she fought to keep her umbrella upright while trying to tame the mini whirlwind of hair assaulting her face at the same time. It didn’t take long before she gave up on trying to tuck her brunette locks behind her ears. Instead, she focused on huddling beneath her umbrella and angling it against the onslaught of sleet.

Her workplace was straight ahead; just a little further! 

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How I Lost My Name: Chapter 1

I still remember the day when everything changed.

It was a Saturday in early November. The weather was shit – cold and rainy – but our fridge was empty. I knew Jackie wouldn’t want to go out in the rain and she was still sleeping in anyway. It was the weekend after all; her policy was to sleep in. Sometimes we’d go grocery shopping together, but I liked surprising her. I loved spoiling her.

It was nearly noon by the time I got back. I could hear music playing from the bedroom; I assumed she was probably taking a shower. As I headed into the kitchen, grocery bags rustling about my legs, I paused as I set them down on our kitchen counter as two things slowly occurred to me. I didn’t hear the telltale sound of the shower in use, but I did hear her soft moans coming from our bedroom. 

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Infesting Claire

This story is a fanfic based on the Resident Evil 2 game. Enjoy~!

WARNING: This story involves parasites, watersports and scat. Read at your own discretion.

– – – – –

Claire’s impromptu trip to Racoon City was not turning out like she’d originally planned. Sure, she’d heard the stories, the whole world had! Sensational recountings of supposedly rotting corpses shambling around were the viral thing this summer. 

It’d started in the occult and paranormal circles, but quickly began being featured on radio shows as well. Zombies and the apocalypse were the hot topics now and every show was jumping on the bandwagon to take part before it died down.  

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Maid for You

Kayla could feel a light blush coloring her cheeks as she imagined herself wearing it; she could barely suppress her smile as she bit lightly down on her bottom lip, a tingle of excitement ran down her spine. She’d waited so long…she’d been eyeing this item ever since the first prototype had been released nearly two years ago. During that time she’d made it to the payment confirmation page dozens of times already, but had never managed to bring herself to hit the “Confirm” button.

Until now.

No more excuses. After two years, it was obvious that the company was still going strong and had perfected their product. After two years of continually coming back to the site and staring longingly at their catalogue, it was obviously a sign that she needed it in her life.

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