Trouble in Pandora

The weather was miserable – blustering wind buffeted sheets of icy rain through the streets of the City of London. Any unfortunate pedestrians quickly found themselves drenched despite futile attempts to keep the weather at bay with flimsy umbrellas.

Kelly was one of the few struggling with the regrettable weather as she trudged through the financial district. Her Ugg boots were doing their best to keep her feet warm but she could feel the rain slowly seeping in through the thick fabric. 

Cursing under her breath, she fought to keep her umbrella upright while trying to tame the mini whirlwind of hair assaulting her face at the same time. It didn’t take long before she gave up on trying to tuck her brunette locks behind her ears. Instead, she focused on huddling beneath her umbrella and angling it against the onslaught of sleet.

Her workplace was straight ahead; just a little further! 

Bursting through the building’s glass doors, she stood panting in the empty lobby for a moment as the heavy doors swung silently closed behind her. The warmth and quiet of the foyer slowly enveloped her as the rain dripped off her soaked overcoat onto the tiled marble floor. 

She let out a sigh of relief, a tiny phew!, glad to finally be out of the rain. Running her fingers through her damp hair, Kelly absentmindedly mussed her long locks into some semblance of casual messiness. She just needed a minute to catch her breath, gather her thoughts.

Shaking off her umbrella, she headed towards her workplace. As she passed by various other shops, her eyes automatically drifted from one window display to another as her mind wandered. 

Today was definitely one of those days when she wished she could’ve worked from home. But the holidays had just passed and she didn’t want to start the new year by calling out on her first day back to work. 

She found herself wondering whether it’d been worth it to trudge miserably through Mother Nature’s tantrum when she could’ve spent it comfortably snug at home instead. The thought of her warm bed was incredibly tempting, especially now that her boots were slightly waterlogged. Chilly toes was not what she’d been promised when she’d bought her Uggs…

Her feet automatically steered her past the other stores until she entered Pandora’s open doors. Smooth marble gave way to plush carpeting as she entered the jewelry store. A tall, handsome jeweler stood behind one of the many glass encased counters, organizing the display’s sparkling rings in an orderly fashion. 

He looked up at Kelly from beneath lightly styled bangs, dark green eyes glittering in amusement as he took in her tousled appearance. “Looks like the weather hasn’t improved then, eh?” 

She made a face at him before brushing past her manager, Kurt. “Afraid not, it’s only managed to get worse.” 

Shrugging off her damp coat, she hung it up to dry in the back room. Speaking over her shoulder, she commented, “It felt like the wind was going to blow me away!” 

Popping her umbrella open, she continued thoughtfully, “I wasn’t sure my umbrella was going to make it.” It’d proven to be sturdier than she expected. Impressed, she left it in the corner to dry before turning her attention to straightening her clothes. 

She wore a simple white shirt and denim skirt. The shirt was cinched in and flared at the waist and sleeves, the angles flattered her slim figure. In addition to having a low cut, her top showed off her curves nicely while revealing just enough cleavage to be enticing yet professional. Her skirt hugged her hips, the bottom ending just above her knees. A long slit up the back stopped just below her pert ass. 

Usually she would’ve changed out of her Uggs into proper heels, but she’d forgotten to bring a change of shoes in her mad rush out of the house that morning. Instead, she grabbed a hairbrush out of her bag and went to work taming her windswept mane. 

Glancing out the employee’s backroom into the shop, she saw that Kurt had nearly finished organizing the drawer he’d been working on. A bemused smile tugged at her lips as she quietly watched him carefully place each ring, every one perfectly centered. 

The way he hunched over the displays, the look of intense concentration as he frowned at each piece of jewelry…Kelly found it both endearing and slightly comical. She wanted so badly to brush his bangs back away from his face, to reveal his somber green eyes concentrating on the task before him. 

Instead, she casually asked, “Where’s Adam? Out for lunch?” 

“In the loo.” Kurt didn’t bother looking up from his task when he replied. On slow days like today, he kept himself busy with meticulously tidying and rearranging their wares. During her time working at Pandora with Kurt as her manager, Kelly had grown to admire how dedicated he was to his job and taking care of the store. 

Nodding silently to herself, she ran the brush through her hair, gently yanking her tangles apart. Mulling over it, she would’ve been rather annoyed if Adam had gone out to get lunch after the fuss he’d made earlier… 

Kelly was younger than both Kurt and Adam. She was still happily enjoying her early 20s. While she wasn’t exactly sure how old Kurt and Adam were, she guessed that Adam was in his late 20s while Kurt was likely in his early to mid 30s. They’d quickly taken a liking to her and she’d found herself unwittingly “adopted” under their wing. As much as she appreciated that she wasn’t simply another employee to them, she had to admit that the whole “little sister” friendzone could be rather frustrating.

Sometimes she just wanted to be heard and respected. Not coddled. 

Adam had been rudely poking at her lack of foresight earlier, irritably pointing out how she had a tendency to never plan ahead – all a part of the Adulting 101 guidebook that she didn’t seem to come equipped with. He finished by joking how she’d return looking like a drowned rat. 

She was glad he hadn’t been around to catch her bedraggled appearance when she’d returned. Remembering the conversation had her frowning as she scowled at herself in the mirror. She winced as she accidentally tugged on a particularly stubborn tangle.  

Finally presentable again, she checked her reflection one last time. Makeup was on point, no smudges to be seen. Closing the door behind her, she joined Kurt on the sales floor, situating herself behind the displays across from him. 

Instead of pulling her drawer out and reorganizing it like Kurt, she got herself settled and leaned against the glass counter while looking out the storefront idly. She wondered how many customers would stop by today. Considering the weather, they’d be lucky if even one person passed by. “So… anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

“Nope,” he replied evenly. “Did you have a nice lunch?”

They chatted for a bit, passing the time companionably. Before long, Adam sauntered in through the entrance. 

Despite dressing smartly in business attire, Adam somehow always managed to give off the impression of a charming degenerate. Meanwhile, Kurt was consistently the perfect picture of gentlemanly professionalism.

Was it the mischievous glint in his eyes? Or his cocky smirk? Perhaps it was his self-assured attitude, the arrogant way he carried himself. Kelly could never quite pinpoint what it was about Adam that rubbed her the wrong way. 

Not that she disliked him. 

Adam always treaded a fine line with Kelly. He’d tease her and be outright infuriating only to fluster her with how uncannily observant he could be when he sincerely complimented her. Sometimes she wanted to slap him, but sometimes he’d look at her and she’d just…freeze, like a deer caught in the headlights. He’d look at her like he was seeing all of her and every time it startled her…left her breathless while her pulse fluttered beneath his gaze. 

It was a confusing mix of sensations to say the least.

“‘Ey!” Adam flashed an easy grin at Kelly. “Looks like our drowned rat managed to stay a princess.” His impish smirk only caused Kelly to scowl in return. “I guess even Mother Nature can’t fluster our little ice queen.”

Irritably, she noticed how his smirk brought out a dimple in his cheek. She hated how cute it made him look. Adam had a gift and it was knowing exactly how to capitalize on his boyish charm. 

“That’s no way to address royalty,” she retorted with a glare.

Adam shrugged her complaint away and bent slightly at the waist instead, sweeping her a mock bow. That insufferable grin of his never left his lips.

“Now, now, children,” Kurt’s dry sarcasm always seemed to reign Adam in. “As Adam is so fond of saying, It’s time to adult. Playtime’s over.” That was Kurt’s way of telling them to look sharp, there were potential customers on the horizon.

Adam slinked off towards the backroom with one last wink in Kelly’s direction. It was rare when all three of them were needed up front. Better to not overwhelm the customer with too many eager salespeople. 

Kelly tried to make herself look nonchalantly busy while also trying to discreetly catch a glimpse of the potential customer Kurt had spotted. She didn’t have to wait long.

A middle-aged man approached. After months of casual observation, Kelly could tell when someone was going to stop in and browse or just pass the store completely. Just a few glances let her know that this guy was most likely, absolutely definitely going to be stopping in the store to look around. Probably very likely to buy something as well! 

Well…she was right two out of three times. That counts for something, right?

The man wasn’t really window shopping, his attention seemed primarily focused on his destination. A few times, his eyes darted away, gaze briefly caught by something of interest. But his steps never faltered as he continued steadily towards Pandora. 

Kurt was ready for him as he greeted the client with a warm smile. “Welcome! How may I help you today?”

“Hi, thank you.” He nodded in return to Kurt’s greeting. Kelly flashed him a little smile as she kept herself occupied at her own station. 

His dark hair was a bit damp – buzzed short on the sides but kept in wavy medium length locks on top, it was both neat and fashionable. Very lightly tanned, he had a kind, easy demeanor and looked to be in his mid to late 40s. He looked like a typical businessman, complete with the usual overcoat, suit and messenger bag. 

Stopping in front of Kurt’s display, his dark eyes scanned the shining array of jewelry before him uncertainly. It was obvious that he was searching for something but not entirely sure what it was. 

“You’ll know it when you see it.”

“I’m sorry?” The man looked up at Kurt quizzically. 

Kurt motioned to the displays around the shop. “You’ll know it when you see it. The perfect something that you’re searching for.”

“Oh,” the man laughed, “that obvious, huh?”

As Kurt helped the man, Kelly glimpsed another person approaching. They were still too far for Kelly to guess the chances of them stopping in the store. Turning her attention back to her own display, she straightened a few necklaces before glancing up again. It looked like they were window shopping further down, pausing to check out one of the displays before slowly ambling off again only to stop at the next interesting display. 

Probably unlikely that they’ll be stopping in Pandora then. 

Kelly was trying her best not to look bored and idle while Kurt helped the man. It was a surprise when she was startled by a polite “Excuse me,” just a few minutes later. 

“Yes!” Kelly replied automatically while jumping to attention. She nearly dropped the bracelets she’d been arranging. Realizing that there was a customer standing across from her, she followed her reply with a flustered “I’m sorry. Welcome!” Quickly returning the bracelets to their display, she composed herself and smiled at the woman. “How may I help you?”

The woman was dressed all in black, bundled up in a large winter coat with her hair hidden beneath a wool knit cap. Her dark eyes were looking inquisitively at Kelly while a friendly smile graced her lips. “My birthday’s coming up in a few weeks and I was thinking that I’d treat myself to something nice this year.”

“Happy early birthday!” Kelly smiled back enthusiastically. “That’s so lovely. We should all remember to treat ourselves once in a while.” The two exchanged a warm laugh. “So, what do you like? Any preferences on what type of gemstone you’re looking for? Or what type of jewelry you’d prefer?”

While Kelly chatted with the woman, she noticed that Kurt was still patiently assisting the gentleman. A few discreet glances confirmed that Kurt was pulling out several engagement rings for him to look over. 

As Kelly pulled out various lengths of necklaces and bracelets, holding each one out for the woman to examine, it became obvious that she’d very likely be making a purchase…if Kelly could manage to find a piece that caught her interest. Her first sale of the year on the first day back to work? What a great start that’d be. She hoped that Kurt was having similar luck.

After pondering over the selection for quite some time, the woman didn’t seem particularly taken with anything from the display. 

“If you tell me what you’re looking for, I can assist you better.” Kelly offered helpfully.

“Hmm,” the woman replied while peering closely at a necklace studded with sapphires. “I suppose none of these are really drawing me to them. They all seem a bit…” She shrugged, almost apologetically. “I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m looking for that missing wow factor? Something that I can really show off you know? A splurge like this, I want it to be noticed.” 

Kelly was starting to get a better idea of what she was asking for. “If you’d like, I could show you our more…exclusive selection?”

The woman’s smile was all the indication Kelly needed to know she was on the right track. Except she didn’t actually have access to the store’s more expensive options. “If you’ll follow me to this other display, my colleague can show you some more options that might suit your needs better.” 

To her surprise, Kurt had already navigated over to the middle display and was showing off their more high-end wares to the man. Just based on the slight frown marring his otherwise polite poker face, Kelly could tell that he wasn’t seeing anything of interest. The woman Kelly was helping picked up on this immediately as well and gave the display a quick cursory glance before asking Kurt directly, “Is this all? Nothing more exclusive?” 

Before Kurt could reply, she reached into her handbag, pulled out her wallet and deftly slid a single card across the counter. Kurt’s eyebrows rose a fraction but he kept his usual cool demeanor and gave a little nod of acknowledgement to the woman. 

“My apologies, miss…?”

“Grace,” the woman offered helpfully with a flirtatious smile.

“My apologies, Ms. Grace. It would of course be our pleasure to help you find something that suits your needs.”

Grace nodded to the man beside her and smiled in greeting. “I take it you’re a kindred spirit? What are you looking for?”

He nodded back in acknowledgement. “Not for myself, but my…lady is a woman with luxurious tastes.”

“What a lucky woman to have someone who makes sure she gets only the best.” Grace turned her attention back to Kurt. “Well, it seems like the stars have aligned in your favor – having the two of us here.” She gave Kurt a playful wink. “That is, assuming you’re able to supply us with our heart’s desires.”

While the conversation continued, Kelly snuck a curious peek at the card Grace had shown Kurt. The black card with the white centurion was recognizable at a glance. Kelly tried not to gasp, tried not to look overly excited. She tried her best to play it cool, tried her best to channel Kurt’s nonchalant poker face but undoubtedly failed.

AMEX Black – the centurion card. She could practically feel the cartoon dollar signs floating in front of her eyes as she imagined how much she’d make through today’s commissions from this sale!

Potential sale, she chided herself mentally as she brought herself back down from Cloud 9. It wouldn’t do to get ahead of herself. Focus! Head in the game.

“Indeed,” Kurt replied without missing a beat. “Please,” he gestured to the door behind him, the one leading to the back rooms. “Follow me.”

Kelly stayed put – store protocol required at least one employee working the front at all times. The two patrons followed Kurt behind the counter but Grace paused at the door to look back at Kelly. “Are you not coming?”

Before Kelly could reply, Kurt intervened. “We need someone to stay at the front in case anyone else stops by.”

“In this weather?” Grace laughed. “I think you’ve already used up all your luck today with the two of us!” She smiled at Kelly. “Besides, I like her. Kelly, right? She’s been very helpful and I like her eye for detail. Can’t you just lock up the front in the meantime?”

Kurt hesitated but seeing the excited look Kelly was shooting him, it wasn’t hard to pick up on her psychic messages of pleasepleaseplease. “Why don’t you lock up and put the sign up then join us in the back?”

She wanted to reply with an enthusiastic Of course! or ecstatic Yesss! but she chirped out a cheery “On it!” instead and sprung into action. It didn’t take her long, maybe five to ten minutes at most. She was genuinely excited to see what was stored in the safe.

Making her way back through the store, she knocked politely before letting herself in and closing the door gently behind herself. Turning to survey the room, she immediately realized that something was…wrong.

“Ah, Kelly, you’ve finally joined us.” Grace flashed her a friendly smile over her shoulder. She was seated with her back to Kelly. Kurt and Adam were seated across from her looking oddly grim and tense. Meanwhile the man was the only one sifting through the glimmering jewels gleaming on the table before them. 

Unsure, Kelly made her way towards the group cautiously. 

Adam was shooting her furious glances, not so subtly shaking his head at her. She wasn’t sure why. Was he trying to tell her to keep her distance? Was it rude if she was hovering while they examined the jewelry? But she wanted to see too! 

Meanwhile, Kurt was staring straight ahead at Grace with a dead eyed glare – silent but intense. Seriously, what was going on in here? What had she missed in those few minutes?

“Why don’t you join us Kelly? My new friend and I are quite impressed with the selection your store has available here.” Pulling a long necklace towards him, he let the diamond studded strand run over and dip through his fingers. Each gem sparkled intensely in the light, tiny rainbows reflecting everywhere as he scrutinized the strand carefully. 

Kelly hated to admit it but she found herself a bit entranced by the jewels. She wished she could be the one examining them. But…wait a minute, that’s odd. She could’ve sworn that the store policy only allowed employees to handle any of the pieces. Had Kurt decided to give them special permission since they’re VIP clients?

Having made her way around the table, Kelly’s smile faltered as she finally understood the tension in the room… 

Held loosely in Grace’s left hand, partially concealed by her long sleeves, was a small pocket pistol fitted perfectly in the palm of Grace’s hand. Despite the mouse gun’s small size, it was obvious that Grace meant business as she held it steadily before her. Kelly momentarily wondered if it had been hidden in her sleeve the entire time or if it’d been stored in her bag.

“Well, now that everyone’s finally here, I suppose the fun can begin in earnest, hmm?” Grace tapped her chin thoughtfully with her right hand, gloved finger resting lightly against her ruby lips. “After all, it’ll take some time for Roger to examine all the gorgeous pieces here. And we only want the ve~ery best!” 

Her gloved hand slid into the pile of jewelry, grabbing at random. Pulling a handful towards her, she pressed the cool gems against the side of her face with a soft moan of happiness. She let them pool and dangle carelessly, to the point where some began draping down her neck. Some fell to settle in her lap briefly before sliding down past her seat and falling to the floor. 

The rest were abruptly slammed back onto the table, the loud SMACK! making the three employees jump. The ensuing silence was broken only by the sound of stray gems rolling and tinkling as they scattered. Roger was the only one unaffected, dutifully scrutinizing strand after strand, gem after gem. 

Grace’s lips quirked up into a smile before she burst out laughing. “Oh Kelly…dear, pretty Kelly,” she chuckled as she wiped away an imaginary tear. “No need to look at me like that. Those big, scared doe eyes. I’m not going to hurt you…unless you make me, that is.” 

Kelly may have been slow to put the pieces together, but she’d caught up quickly. Her pulse thrummed anxiously in her veins as her mind raced in a dozen different directions – a flurry of scattered thoughts. She squeezed her hands together, startled by Grace’s sudden actions, jumping as she flinched away. 

Slowly, Grace’s dark eyes looked at each of the three before her, gaze lingering intently on each person. When Grace’s dark eyes met her own, Kelly suddenly felt the need to nervously swallow but found her mouth and throat too dry to cooperate. Instead, she tried her best to match Grace’s gaze, determined not to look away first. Still, the unspoken threat filled Kelly with dread…

“And you’re not going to do that, right?” Even though Grace’s words were spoken softly, the room was quiet enough that each word was clearly heard. Without waiting for a reply from Kelly, Grace’s pistol lifted to aim dead center at Adam’s forehead. The smile on her lips as she continued was of pure delight. “Because that’d be problematic. And I really, really hate when things don’t go to plan. Isn’t that right, Roger?” Roger grunted in affirmation, attention still fully focused on his task as he meticulously studied a particularly large emerald in the light. 

It was unnerving, the way the two of them interacted. Grace with her barely contained psychosis; Roger with his uncaring calmness.

“You see, Roger and I, we have an understanding.” As Grace continued, she brought the pistol back, gesturing with it as she talked. “He’s got an amazing eye for quality. I mean it. It’s like he’s got hawk eyes for spotting precious valuables. So in a way, some might say that he does all the work. Squinting at hundreds of these gorgeous pieces of rock, picking out only the finest gems…That takes time. A lot of attention to detail, right? Meanwhile, I have nothing to do and that? That’s a problem. Because I hate and I mean, hate, being bored.”

“I’m sure you understand,” she waved the point of her gun at Adam again. There was a glint of amusement in her eyes as she noticed the outline of a muscle jumping in Adam’s jaw. Gritting his teeth, he was the picture of seething anger silently fuming. “You get restless, don’t you? So do I. And then I just can’t sit still. That restlessness…that need to do something, it can start to drive you nuts, you know?” She nodded sympathetically at Adam, as if aggrieved for the future he was fated for.

“I am nothing like you,” Adam snarled darkly through his gritted teeth. Grace clicked her tongue against her teeth, making sympathetic tsk sounds as she leaned across the table to pat Adam’s cheek with the side of her pistol.

“It’s alright dear, there’s no need to be ashamed of who you are.” Leaning back in her seat, she made a show of getting comfortable. “And I know that because you are like me, you’re getting bo~ored and are pro~obably wondering what’s going to happen next.” She looked at each one of them expectantly, as if waiting for some type of confirmation. 

Taking their silence for affirmation, she brought her hands together in delight, clasping the gun loosely between her palms. “Well! You three are in for a treat! Because I’ve got some devilishly delicious ideas that I know you’ll all enjoy. Isn’t that right, Roger?” Another grunt. 

“Go on then, Kelly.” She waved her hand airily at Kelly. Kelly stared dumbly back at Grace, utterly clueless as to what was apparently expected of her. Grace rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Oh Kelly,” she scoffed, “there’s no point playing chaste. We all know you’re a slut and we’re all dying to see you naked so get on with it already.”

“W-What??” Kelly spluttered incredulously, too surprised to be offended. 

“Uuuughh…” Grace’s hand clawed at her own face in an exaggerated show of mild fury. “Keeellllyy, just stop it already won’t you? Your clothes speak for themselves.” Gesturing to Kelly’s skirt, Grace’s nose crinkled distastefully. “I mean, that! Just..blecgh! Denim? What year do you think it is dear? We’re not in the 1970s anymore. So tacky! You work at a jeweler’s for god’s sake, dress a little more professionally. And that slit! You might as well be wearing a sign that says ‘Please bend my whore ass over and fuck me senseless.’”

Roger paused and looked up at Kelly over the pink diamond he currently held. Kelly could feel her cheeks warming as they steadily flushed a deep red. Somehow, Roger’s cursory glance and Grace’s disdainful critique of her clothes made her feel both outraged and ashamed…and dirty.

“See? Even Roger can’t stand the sight of it. That means it’s got. To. Go.” The last three words were emphasized with her finger wagging as she enunciated each word. When Kelly continued standing motionlessly, Grace snapped her fingers impatiently in her direction. “Did you not hear me? Or have you suddenly gone dumb and deaf? Take that hideous skirt off.” Seeing the wavering disbelief on Kelly’s face, she sighed heavily. “God, I have to spell it out for you don’t I? YES! I’m telling you to strip!”

“You can’t be serious.” Kelly was surprised to hear her inner thoughts spoken out loud. It took her a moment to realize that it’d come from Kurt.

“Oh, I’m always serious my dear. Trust me.” Grace gave Kurt a flirtatious wink. “Don’t pretend you don’t want to see. I’m sure you’ve fantasized about her plenty of times.” Her eyes widened suddenly; you could almost see the figurative lightbulb flicking on over Grace’s head. “Ah! But you can’t see right now, can you?” she mused out loud thoughtfully. “Well, we’ll have to fix that!” 

She stood suddenly and gestured energetically for Adam and Kurt to stand up from their seats. “Come on, come on. Sit on this side. Bring your chair. Hurry up already, quit shuffling your feet!” As her coworkers stood, Kelly noticed their bound wrists for the first time, duct tape wrapped firmly around them. 

Now Kelly stood alone on the other side of the table. Roger was still at his end. Smaller piles were starting to appear neatly next to the scattered mess of precious jewels as he sorted through them. Grace stood behind Adam and Kurt, now seated a bit further down from Roger. 

“Alright! Lovely. We’re all situated now, yeah? Everyone’s got a good view? Excellent. Now then, Kelly.” A nod with her chin to begin. “Make it sexy.” She pointed her gun at the back of Adam’s head, grinning encouragingly at Kelly.

Kelly felt sick. Like she had to faint and puke at the same time. Her pulse thudded noisily in her ears – a rushing, deafening thrumming. It made her feel like she was falling away from the world. Everything seemed to want to blur at the edges as she tried not to hyperventilate. A sudden clearing of the throat from Grace had Kelly’s hands fluttering automatically to the zipper at her hip.

And then she was suddenly very aware of…everything. 

Their eyes. 

The way Grace’s were cold yet menacingly gleeful. How Roger’s shrewd gaze discreetly snuck greedy glances at the soft curves of her figure. The way Adam and Kurt were trying so hard not to look at her; the anguish on Adam’s face, the careful blankness of Kurt’s. 

Kelly felt like an exhibit on show. 

“I said, make. It. Sexy!” The words were further emphasized as she tapped the end of the gun against the back of Adam’s head, each tap jabbing a bit harder. Even from across the room, Kelly could clearly see the muscle twitching against Adam’s jaw as he tried not to flinch.  

“Come on now, I’m. Getting. Bored~!” Grace’s heeled foot stamped down insistently as she scowled. Kelly was suddenly very aware of a new realization.

She potentially held her friend’s lives in her hands. This all depended on her. They needed to satisfy Grace and her crazy demands. If they could just manage that…better to lose thousands if it meant they could survive this ordeal.

Oh my fucking god, this is really happening. At the same time, an endless reel of this isn’t real continued in a loop at the back of her mind. This is crazy. Kelly tried to squash the thought. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to pretend she was alone in the room. Tried to lose herself inside her own head, live in her imagination. 

Make it sexy…Easier said than done, especially under these circumstances. She let out a slow breath, letting her hips slowly sway gently from side to side as she mentally willed herself away to a dark room. A dark room where she stood by herself, safe and away from prying eyes. A dark room that effused low, sultry music…a slow, seductive beat that her hips moved to. Slowly, she undid the clasp holding the zipper together, pulling it down inch by inch. 

“That’s more like it,” Grace encouraged approvingly. “Show us that ass.”

Still sashaying, Kelly turned so that her back was to the audience. Hands on her hips, she reached back to smooth her palms over the curve of her ass before pinching a fold of the fabric to tug the skirt down a bit. Slowly, she swiveled her hips and occasionally even twerked a bit – each rotation brought her loose skirt further down as gravity attempted to undress her. 

As her panties began to show, she was suddenly hit by a bolt of embarrassment as she realized that Adam and Kurt were about to see her undergarments. What kind of panty was she wearing today? She definitely hadn’t planned on showing off her underwear to anyone today. She prayed that she was wearing one of her nicer pairs. The music in her head continued to play, a consistent background music attempting to quiet her own loud thoughts. At the same time, she was acutely aware of the stifling silence in the room…especially since it was only ever broken by Grace’s occasional sounds of whooped approval. 

She let her skirt drop with finality, showing off the sporty grey panty covering her ass. 

The music in her head lapsed into a ringing silence as she stood staring wide-eyed at the wall. 

Was it over now?

“Oh, that’s it?” Kelly turned to face a perplexed Grace. “Well, it ended a bit more abruptly than I expected. I’ll give you a solid four out of ten for performance though!” Grace proceeded to give Kelly some light applause. Roger joined in and it somehow made it all the more demeaning. Grace kicked the leg of Adam’s chair, jostling him, before doing likewise to Kurt’s. “Don’t be rude, clap for her!”

Kelly’s hands bunched into fists at her sides, gripping at the edges of her shirt as halted, hesitant claps joined in. 

“Now the shirt! And tease it out a bit longer this time.” Grace’s words made Kelly’s heart plummet. It…wasn’t over? Kelly had thought only the offending skirt had to go. What was wrong with her shirt?

Grace leaned down to rest her elbows on the back of each chair, causing both coworkers to stiffen and bristle at the close proximity. “Alright boys, this should be where the show gets good. Ahh, you lucky bastards. Show us your tits!” Grace gave a little shout of whoo!

Kelly’s fingers fumbled numbly at the buttons holding her blouse together. It took Grace clearing her throat loudly to prompt Kelly to start swaying to an imaginary tune again. She tried to concentrate on her buttons, tried not to make direct eye contact with anyone in the audience. Kelly was painfully aware of Kurt’s dead-eyed stare hovering somewhere just over her shoulder, of Adam scowling darkly down at the floor determinedly. 

As her buttons came undone one by one, the top of her bra soon came into view. Grace’s earlier demand floated through her mind, an echoed reminder: Make it sexy! She let her hands smooth over the swell of her breasts, cupping and squeezing them together to show off her décollete as her tits threatened to spill out of her shirt. She made a show of teasing her nipples through her padded bra. 

With just two buttons left, she slowly slid her blouse off her shoulders. Letting the white fabric pool around her elbows, her simple beige bra was left on full display. She leaned forwards a bit to show off her ample cleavage, bending at the hip while her left arm held her bra in place. She let her body sway as she straightened, shrugging her shirt back up before letting it fall to her elbows again.

Slowly, she turned, using her shirt to cover her derrière before slowly pulling it up again inch by inch. Her fingers struggled with the last two buttons – finally, her shirt was free. Still hanging from her arms, she turned back towards her audience while her hands slowly traveled along the sides of her body before she finally let go of her sleeves and let her shirt slowly slide down her body, off her arms and onto the floor. 

She suddenly didn’t know what to do with her hands and instinctively hugged herself, partially in an attempt to reassure herself and partially to awkwardly attempt to cover her exposed lingerie. The air felt cold against her skin, making her extra conscious of her lack of clothing. 

“What do you think Roger? That was a pretty solid five, right?” Roger motioned a brief thumbs-up from his seat. “But what is this? Intermission? Stop stalling up there and get on with it already.” A thoughtful pause as her eyes landed at Kelly’s feet. “Ah, but leave your shoes on.” Grace’s nose crinkled with disgust. “Aptly named, those things really are bl-Ugg.” She retched, repulsed. “Leave your shoes on, your feet probably stink and we don’t need that. Honestly, Kurt,” she reached over to muss Kurt’s hair fondly. “Letting your employees wear Uggs. What were you thinking?”

Somehow, Grace’s words always managed to be both infuriating and disparaging at the same time. It evoked a strange mix of cold anger and hot shame in Kelly. In a sudden burst of stubborn rebellion, Kelly reached back and unhooked her bra unceremoniously. Sliding her bra off, her panties followed soon after and she stood before them trying to look proud, dignified and unruffled by her naked state. 

While a good effort, it was easy to see that Kelly was struggling. It was easy to see the struggle flickering over her features, her determination wavering as embarrassment battled its way across her face. She felt ridiculous standing on display in her Uggs. She could feel goosebumps rising along her arms as the cool air caressed her skin. She was very aware of her nipples – hard, round pebbles jutting out of her breasts. She wondered what Adam and Kurt thought of her. God, she wanted to cover herself and hide…

“Well, that wasn’t much of a show.” Grace’s perpetually friendly tone of voice had turned icy. “But I suppose not every slut’s a good stripper. I guess we better hope she knows how to put her mouth to good use then, eh, Roger?”

For the first time since they’d been separated, the three employees suddenly made eye contact. Adam’s anguished, Kurt’s concerned, Kelly’s panicked. They shared the same mental wavelength. They couldn’t possibly be planning to push it that far. Where was this going? When was it going to stop?

Roger unzipped his pants and pulled his half-erect cock out. Based on the piles on the table before him, it seemed like Roger was making steady progress in his sorting. Adam jumped up out of his seat in protest, angrily barking, “This is not fucking happening. You cannot make her–”

At the same time, Kurt also objected sternly. “Is this really necessary? You’ve already made your point. Just take what you want and–”

They were both abruptly cut off as Grace’s pistol whipped across Adam’s face causing him to stagger backwards, stunned. Kelly gave a little shriek of horror, her hands fluttering up to clap over her mouth as she stifled her own cries.

Shocked silence, interrupted by the occasional muffled whimper from Kelly, quickly enveloped the room as everyone stood frozen, staring wide-eyed at Grace. Her gun was pressed firmly against Adam’s forehead, fingers wrapped around the grip of the gun so tightly that her knuckles were white as her index finger squeezed tightly against the trigger guard. Grace’s dark eyes gleamed with a crazed fervor, a fanatical grin stretched across her red lips as she stared down the barrel at Adam.

Adam who was scowling darkly back at her, battling to control his own rage. Adam whose cheek had been lightly cut, the beginnings of a bruise already blooming across his cheekbone. 

You could practically see the wheels in Grace’s mind turning as the seconds ticked by. See the beginnings of a wicked idea forming as her eyes glittered dangerously. Grace’s nostrils flared as she sniffed disdainfully at Adam, the tension in her body easing as she let her arm fall with a smug smirk. 

Grace’s eyes never broke contact with Adam’s, her gaze steady, intense and full of deranged fury. It was a cold fury, a controlled one, and any icy shiver snaked down Kelly’s spine as she realized why Grace was so frighteningly compelling. She was fearlessly self-serving and reckless…but not without calculating her risks. It’d be better to say she was a gambler: one who made sure the odds were always in her favor. 

“Well…,” she sighed softly, breaking the tense silence. “You really are just a handful, aren’t you?” She started pacing back and forth behind their chairs as she thought out loud, gun waving as she gestured; Kelly could only watch uneasily as she stood awkwardly, still conscious of her lack of clothes and her coworkers’ eyes. 

“Rambunctious little troublemaker. When will you learn to ask for permission, hmm?” She waved at Adam with her gun, motioning for him to get back in his seat. She watched him as he did and tsk’d as he sat back down. “Now wasn’t that easy? Life is painless when you do as you’re told.” 

Moving to stand beside Adam, her left hand cupped the side of her face thoughtfully. The gun in her right hand tapped lightly against her left elbow as she spoke. “I was going to make you watch while Kelly sucked Roger off, but I’m starting to think the two of you need to be taught a lesson.” Her steps slowly brought her circling towards Kelly until she was standing behind her. 

Kelly’s arms were wrapped around herself but she hugged herself even more tightly at Grace’s approach. She fought off the urge to shiver uneasily as she felt Grace hovering unseen behind her, dread settled heavily in the pit of her stomach. She stopped breathing as Grace leaned in, her breath warm against Kelly’s neck as she quietly commanded, “Get on your hands and knees dear.”

Kelly dropped to her knees obediently, shaking with nerves as her pulse fluttered in her veins. Her heart began hammering nervously in her chest again as she wondered what Grace had in mind. In this position, with her breasts swinging freely, she somehow felt even more naked and vulnerable. 

“Now then gentlemen, why don’t you make yourselves presentable? Time to,” Grace giggled, “present yourselves to our dear, lovely Kelly before she crawls over there to show you both a good time.”

Again, the three coworkers found their eyes instinctively glancing towards each other. A silent exchange of quiet panic. 

“A good time?” Adam scoffed with false bravado. “I thought you were teaching us a lesson?”

“Oh, I am dear.” Raising her leg, she planted her foot firmly down between Kelly’s shoulder blades. Kelly let out a surprised cry as she found herself pushed roughly against the cold linoleum floor, the bottom of Grace’s boot digging into her back. Unseen by Kelly, Grace’s pistol was pointed straight down at her head. “Because,” Grace snarled, “if you don’t whip your fucking dicks out by the time she crawls over there as I count down from five, dear Kelly over here is going to have a really bad time.”

“Is that understood?” She asked sweetly, flashing the boys a winning smile.

The boys nodded mutely in return, expressions grim and resigned. Kelly also nodded from the floor, cheek pressed against the ground. 

“Go~od,” Grace cooed with delight. A moment later, relief flashed across Kelly’s face as Grace lifted her foot. As Kelly straightened up, Grace purred softly. “Then let the fun begin! In…five!”

For a fraction of a second no one moved, then realization quickly dawned as they realized their respective roles. Three eyes met again, still afraid but resigned and determined now. 

Kelly started crawling across the floor towards her coworkers. She could feel the hot blush of shame flushing across her cheeks as she approached them; she fixed her eyes on their feet and tried to squish down the panicky feeling of embarrassment swelling in her chest. 


Seeing Kelly crawling towards them seemed to jolt Adam and Kurt into action. Turning their attention to their belts, they quickly unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped. Or they attempted to, struggling with their bound hands. Even though their eyes were focusing on themselves, the sight of Kelly’s bare breasts swaying…the curve of her ass and dainty waist as she crawled…their cute coworker’s luscious body was very much distractingly emblazoned in their mind’s eye. Despite struggling due to the duct tape binding their wrists, soon they were both one step away from completing their task.

“…three…” Grace smirked as she noticed the boys’ hesitation. It only made her count a beat faster. “…two…” 

The quickened pace didn’t go unnoticed and the boys realized it was now or never. All too soon, Kelly was suddenly in front of them. Kurt fixed his gaze straight ahead as he pulled his semi-erect cock out. Adam was struggling with himself, struggling not to look at Kelly, struggling to deal with his own whirlwind of emotions: white hot rage, seething resentment, scorching humiliation and sizzling lust underlying it all. 

This didn’t go unnoticed by Grace. Nothing could escape her sharp gaze.

“…aaand…” She crossed the room swiftly, standing beside Adam with just two or three long strides. Reaching into his pants unceremoniously, she grinned with amusement as she fished his half-erect cock out. “Enjoying the show so far?” She whispered the words softly into Adam’s ear. That muscle in his cheek twinged again as his teeth gritted.

None of them expected what Grace did next.

The feel of her warm breath tickling his ear as Grace’s hot tongue licked up along his earlobe had Adam pulling away in shocked surprise. He let out a cry that sounded like a cross between an aroused grunt and a strangled gasp as her gloved hand was suddenly gripped tightly around his balls. Smirking down at him, Adam squeezed his eyes shut and turned his face away, refusing to meet her gaze. 

“Such a naughty boy you are,” she murmured while rubbing her hand up and down the length of him. “You’re quite the disgusting pervert, aren’t you? Getting hard like this.” And he was getting hard. His half-erect dick was quickly being coaxed to stand at full length. Seeing Adam’s bronze complexion color as his cheekbones darkened with shame, Grace promptly stopped and straightened with a laugh before gleefully barking out, “One!” 

Hands on her hips, Grace surveyed the scene before her with a look of approval. “Go~od job team! See? What a bit of cooperation can achieve.” She licked her crimson lips briefly as she eyed Kurt’s semi-erect dick, noticing that it seemed slightly chubbier than it had moments before her rough handling of Adam. Meanwhile, Kelly was kneeling before the two, staring determinedly at their feet.

Moving to stand behind the two boys again, Grace motioned Kelly towards Kurt. “Let’s keep up the good work, hmm? Why don’t you help your boss get his head in the game dear.” Reluctantly, Kelly looked up, carefully letting her gaze travel slowly up Kurt’s pants leg, pausing at his knee and going no further as she instead let her eyes slide over to his growing erection. The last thing either of them wanted was to make eye contact. 

As Kelly stared at her manager’s semi flaccid member for the first time, she wasn’t sure what to do, how to react. Grace’s impatient, “Well? Get to it already,” prompted Kelly to reach out and gently grip Kurt’s cock with a trembling hand. Kurt’s only reaction was a sharp intake of breath as Kelly’s hand wrapped around him. He was determined not to react, to play dead as best he could. He didn’t want to give Grace the satisfaction of eliciting a reaction out of him. But he couldn’t stop Grace from seeing the muscle twitch along the side of his neck as he struggled inwardly. 

Kelly’s mind was racing wildly as she fell into a rhythm of stroking Kurt’s cock. This can’t be happening. Sure, she’d had her share of fantasies before but…Not like this. This is real. It’s really happening. I’m stroking Kurt’s cock! Ohmygod, it’sgrowing. A frantic stream of panic peppered with a mental narrative of her actions and reactions, Kelly couldn’t believe the size of Kurt’s cock as it grew in her hand. He had to be at least eight inches in length. 

“Use your fucking mouth Kelly,” Grace sighed in exasperation. “Don’t forget. This is a show!” Her words rose in volume as she spoke them. “I want to be en-ter-tained! Do you hear me?!”

Rather than replying, Kelly leaned up onto her knees, kneeling between Kurt’s legs, and gingerly licked the tip of Kurt’s dick. She felt his body tense as she lapped the velvet tip into her mouth, engulfing the sensitive head while her tongue swirled circles around it. Her hand continued stroking along his shaft, other hand moving to gently cup his balls and massage them. Again, she felt his body straining beneath her, fighting not to react. She felt rather than saw Kurt’s hands ball into fists as he strained against the unrelenting duct tape binding his wrists together.

Kurt let out an involuntary groan as Kelly’s lips slid further down his shaft, taking half of him into her mouth. His eyes fluttered closed as he tried to concentrate on…something, anything besides the feel of Kelly’s soft hands and warm mouth assaulting his senses. Now that Kurt was mirroring Adam, unseen by the three, Grace motioned for the forgotten Roger to assume his position in her play. 

Kelly gasped at the feel of invisible fingers sliding between her asscheeks and probing against her clenched hole. Except her mouth was full of Kurt, so instead of gasping, her surprise was voiced with a muffled cry, an unintelligible mmfph

But it was enough to draw the boys’ attention as they both instinctively looked at her in concern. 

Only to see Roger kneeling behind Kelly. With his pants undone, he was stroking his glistening cock with one hand while his other probed steadily at Kelly’s puckered hole.

If Grace’s hands weren’t resting on each of the boys’ shoulders, Adam surely would’ve tried to tackle Roger or exclaimed in protest at the very least. As it was, he was aware of the hard metal beneath Grace’s palm pressing against his shoulder.

She gave them each a squeeze of the shoulder as she crooned reassuringly at them. “Why, you haven’t forgotten about Roger, have you? See boys, that’s what happens when you close your eyes.” She tsk’d with disapproval. “This is a show! You’ve got to pay attention, appreciate all the details!”

Kelly attempted to straighten up, intending to turn and look at who was molesting her before she squirmed away from them. But Grace’s heavy hand pushed down at the back of her head, holding her in place. As Kelly found herself suddenly unable to move, she started gagging as the tip of Kurt’s cock pressed against the back of her throat. 

Kelly’s little noises of protest steadily grew louder and more urgent as she was pushed to choke on more and more of Kurt. Meanwhile Kurt tried not to groan as he felt her muffled sounds vibrate through his throbbing member, tried not to grunt as he felt the back of her throat prod against the tip of his cock.

“Don’t worry Kelly dear,” Grace purred as Roger slid a lubricated finger into her tight hole. “You see, Roger has a very specific preference in how he takes his pleasure. But don’t you worry,” she crooned reassuringly. “He always comes prepared.” By prepared, she was referring to the little bottle of lube Roger was generously applying to himself and Kelly’s backside. 

“Though it seems like you’re too busy to care right now anyway since you have your mouth full…” And with a wicked grin, Grace forced Kelly’s head further down until she was choking on Kurt’s length as he slid past her throat. Fingers fisted into Kelly’s hair, Grace began forcibly puppeteering Kelly’s head up and down. 

Fighting her gag reflex while also trying to remember to breathe, Kelly could only sob soundlessly as she felt a third thick finger probe at her opening before pressing mercilessly into her ass, stretching her tight hole even as she clenched down reflexively on the intruding digits. She jerked in surprise as she felt his thumb circle and rub against her clit while his fingers began pumping into her ass in earnest.

Adam seemed to be in a trance, unable to tear his eyes away from what was happening to Kelly. Kelly, his cute coworker, whose face was flushed while gagging on their manager’s lengthy cock. Kelly whose wide eyes, full of uncertainty and terror, were glittering with unshed tears as she looked at him pleadingly. Adam could only watch helplessly as Roger brought the head of his cock to her opening and…god, he fucking hated that his cock twitched as he couldn’t help imagining the feel of Kelly’s tight ass wrapped around his own dripping member.

Roger positioned himself behind Kelly, nudging her legs aside to splay wider to accommodate him. Sighing a low grunt of satisfaction, he rubbed the length of his cock against her as he continued shoving his fingers deeply into her ass while the pad of his thumb rubbed roughly against her swollen clit. Compared to Adam and Kurt, Roger’s roughly six inch cock would’ve seemed decidedly average if not for how girthy he was – it made his veiny member look like a massive chode. Rubbing against Kelly’s backside, she looked positively petite in comparison. 

Kelly gave a low moan as Roger’s fingers pulled out of her, leaving her suddenly feeling surprisingly empty as she clenched down on nothing. Spreading her cheeks apart with both palms, Roger gave a low chuckle of satisfaction as he stared down at Kelly’s little open asshole, watching it clench and unclench greedily. Her ass might as well have been begging Roger to press the wide tip of his member against it, begging to be fucked properly until it was nothing more than another gaping hole to be used.

Kelly couldn’t believe the pressure she was feeling as Roger’s tip popped into her, it felt like he was stretching her impossibly wide open already. Kurt got to experience every one of her muffled screams as her cries vibrated along his shaft. As Roger pushed into her from behind, Kelly found herself further speared onto Kurt’s dick with Grace’s help. Oh god, she thought in a panic, I’m going to break. They’re going to break me. As more of Roger’s wide member pushed into her, her muffled cries grew in volume. I can’t, oh fuck, he won’t fit, it’s impossible.

Kurt couldn’t help but let out a groan through gritted teeth as more of his length slid into Kelly’s throat. With Roger and Grace’s unasked assistance, he was essentially facefucking Kelly at this point. Adam watched, horrified, as Kelly’s eyes went wider still as Roger filled her completely, her high pitched screams choking off into a gurgle as her nose pressed up against Kurt’s pelvis. Roger gave a little grunt of satisfaction, sheathed to the hilt in his new toy. Oh god, oh god…Kelly’s mind couldn’t seem to manage any other thoughts, she felt so incredibly full, she was going to burst.

Roger’s hand came down to slap heavily against Kelly’s ass, causing another gurgled shriek and an approving chuckle from Roger as she tensed up from the shock and sharp pain. Hands gripping her waist, Roger’s hips began to thrust against her. Soon, he was fucking her ass in earnest, balls slapping against her wet slit with each thrust. Tendons stood out along Kurt’s neck as he tried not to give in to the pleasure, but he couldn’t control his hips as they thrust forwards, burying himself balls deep down Kelly’s throat with a strained grunt.

Adam watched, frustrated by his powerlessness, as Kelly’s eyes began rolling back into her head while speared between Roger and Kurt. Grace let go of Kelly’s hair, her assistance no longer required. Stepping away to survey the scene, she returned with the roll of duct tape. With practiced motions, Grace had Kelly’s arms pinned and taped behind her back in no time. 

Roger grinned. Holding onto Kelly’s arms, his hips began pistoning into her in earnest. Roger’s fat cock breaking her ass had Kelly screaming gutturally around Kurt. This only caused Kurt’s hips to buck against her as he struggled to restrain himself. Throwing his head back in pent up frustration, Kurt couldn’t help but growl out a choked murmur of “Fuck, Kelly…”

Kurt’s cock shlurped out of Kelly’s throat before he could get any closer to cumming. 

Grace had pulled Kelly up by her hair again and Kelly was now audibly groaning her moaned whimpers between heaving sputtered coughs. Grace’s breath was warm against Kurt’s ear as she tsk’d at him. “You got quite close there didn’t you? Naughty boy. I wonder what your boss would say if he knew his manager was facefucking his pretty employees?”

Once again, Grace was standing between the two boys as she taunted them verbally. With both of their cocks standing desperately at attention, they could only watch wordlessly as Roger lifted Kelly onto her knees. Pulling her up into a headlock, Kelly was fully on display while Roger manhandled her. Crying out choked cries of garbled gibberish – a mix of please, stop and oh god. – Roger’s forearm occasionally pressed against her windpipe, effectively shutting her up. With his free hand, he squeezed her breast roughly, pinching and pulling at her nipple as he fucked her.

Eventually, his hand slid down to her wet slit. As he spread her lips apart, Adam and Kurt could clearly see how wet Kelly was. Grace chuckled beside them. “See boys? I told you she was a slut. Just look how badly she wants to be fucked.” Roger’s fingers were crooking into Kelly’s hot cunt, fingering her while squeezing and rubbing against her sensitive nub. 

Grace knelt beside her accomplice, gripping Kelly’s neglected breast in her hand. Grinning down at Kelly, she smirked. “Isn’t that right, slut? How does it feel, getting your ass raped in front of your cute coworkers? All while still wearing your stupid fucking Uggs.” Grace laughed, each pathetic whimper she elicited from Kelly as she pinched and slapped her nipple only seemed to add to Grace’s glee. 

Grace traced the muzzle of her gun down the front of Kelly’s sumptuous body. “What do you think boys? Isn’t she such a slut?” Eyes on the boys, Grace let her gun continue traveling down between Kelly’s breasts, past her ribs, poking briefly into her bellybutton. “So eager to be fucked. I don’t think she cares what does it. You’d even fuck my gun, wouldn’t you?” Grace’s gun traded places with Roger’s fingers as Roger grabbed at Kelly’s other breast. Kelly could feel the cold, hard metal pressing against her clit and she felt a cold panic rush over her body. 

“Yeah?” Grace murmured in her ear. “You like that? You like being fucked by my gun?” As more of the gun’s short barrel pushed into her, Kelly could only think Oh, god, I’m going to die. They’re going to kill me. She’s going to fucking shoot me in the cunt while fucking me. Please, god, no. 

Roger’s cock filling her felt impossible as he continued stirring up her insides. Kelly was acutely aware of Grace’s gun in her, the feel of the cold metal of the trigger guard pressing against her clit with each thrust into her warm folds. 

But Grace didn’t stay long. 

Back beside the boys, Grace slid the side of her gun against each of their faces with a giggle, wiping Kelly’s slick juices off on Adam and Kurt. Whispering in their ears that they’d better watch closely as Roger broke Kelly’s ass, otherwise she’d make them deepthroat her gun and suck it clean. 

Meanwhile Roger’s pace quickened, his grip on Kelly’s captive breast was bruising as he thrust furiously into her with grunted breaths. Kelly couldn’t breathe, trapped in her headlock. As Roger’s fat cock rammed into her, she felt his body tense as he squeezed her to him even harder. She felt his girth expand before exploding in a burst of liquid heat as he came deep in her, filling her to capacity. She felt him relax his hold on her before simply letting go of her.

Kelly fell forwards, a weak ragdoll. Roger eased his still rigid cock out of Kelly’s ravaged hole. He chuckled in dark satisfaction upon seeing her gaping asshole, his cum trickling out of the stretched hole. Kelly lay limply, ass up in the air with her arms still taped behind her. She could feel Roger’s cum dripping down her inner thighs as she clenched reflexively, only managing to squeeze more of his hot jizz from her used opening.

“You should be thanking Roger you know?” As Grace spoke, Roger had repositioned himself and grabbed hold of Kelly’s hair. Pulling her up, he shoved his softening chode into her mouth to suck him clean. Kelly looked like she was in a glazed state of shock, not quite registering what was happening to her anymore. It took a bit of manhandling of bobbing Kelly’s head along his shaft before Roger seemed satisfied and tossed her aside.

“Now she’s all warmed up for you two.” Grace whispered this into Adam’s ear, her tongue tracing along his earlobe as she sucked it into her mouth for a nibble. He flinched away from her, but his weeping cock betrayed him as it throbbed visibly with need. She laughed, gleefully mischievous, before turning to slap a piece of duct tape over Kurt’s eyes. The last thing Kurt saw was Roger tucking himself into his pants. 

Adam watched as Grace pulled the limp Kelly over towards them. From the corner of his eye, Adam saw that Roger was busying himself with the jewels on the table again. After much graceless manhandling, Grace managed to pull Kelly up onto Kurt’s lap. “Now, don’t move dear,” she breathed into Kurt’s ear. “Because if you do, poor Kelly here is going to fall and it took quite a bit of effort for me to get her on your lap in the first place.” Pressing her gun against Kurt’s temple, she smiled as she asked, “Understood~?”

“Yes,” he replied curtly. Even if he couldn’t see her, there was enough venom in his voice that it was clear he was inwardly seething just as much as Adam.

“Good~” she cooed in return before reaching around to pull Kelly’s legs up, hands hooked under her knees. Adam was granted a perfect view of Kelly’s spread pussy and dripping asshole before Grace eased Kelly’s gaping hole onto Kurt’s straining cock. 

Surprised by the unexpected warmth wrapping around his cockhead, Kurt groaned as his hips instinctively bucked upwards, spearing himself into Kelly’s ass even as Grace let go of Kelly’s legs and let her slide down the length of him. The feeling of being filled again stirred Kelly from her stupor with a groggy moan and it took her a moment to realize that it was Kurt’s cock bucking into her as he panted beneath her, trying not to fuck her yet unable to resist the feeling of her muscled walls clenching down around his eager cock. 

Grace stuck a piece of duct tape over Kelly’s eyes before she got her bearings. The last thing Kelly saw was a glimpse of Adam with Roger behind him – Roger closing his messenger bag full of jewels. But even with just a glimpse Kelly saw Adam’s flushed face, the conflicted feelings in his eyes and his throbbing, veiny cock standing painfully erect. While not quite as long as Kurt’s, Adam’s slightly curved specimen was certainly still lengthier than Roger’s thick chode.

Blindfolded, Kelly was strangely aware of her body. Lying against Kurt she realized that Kurt’s arms encircling her, holding her in place against him as she felt the duct tape around his wrists resting against her bellybutton. Her legs were spread open, resting outside of Kurt’s knees. Her dangling Uggs felt strangely heavy compared to the rest of her naked body. Kurt’s cock filled her ass differently than Roger’s – not quite as thick, it was almost a relief not to feel so unbearably full, but Kurt reached deeper into her.

The last thing Adam saw was Kelly moaning softly while Kurt groaned beneath her, his breath warm against her neck as she squirmed on his lap, gyrating along the length of his cock as she pushed him deeper into her ass with a little whimper. Blindfolded, Adam let out a strangled gasp as his balls were suddenly firmly gripped. Grace chuckled in his ear while her grasp shifted to move up along the length of him and grip him firmly by the head of his cock. Pulling, she growled, “Get up.”

Standing, he let Grace lead him blindly by the cock. “We’re reaching the grand finale now and you know what that means, don’t you?” Grace pressed the tip of Adam’s cock to Kelly’s wet slit, snickering at the sound of his sharp inhale as he felt her searing warmth. “That means It’s time for the big spectacle and I think you all know what I want to see.” Grace nudged Adam forwards, cutting loose his duct taped wrists in the same motion as she pulled his arms back to secure them behind his back. As Adam stepped forward, pushed by Grace, it only eased his cock into Kelly’s eager pussy. Both Adam and Kelly moaned as he entered her; his, strained and breathless, hers, almost a mewled whimper as she experienced being filled in a different way.

“Mm, that’s right,” Grace purred approvingly from somewhere nearby. “This is what you’ve all always wanted, right? How does it feel? Finally getting to fuck each other.” 

Smacking Adam’s ass, Grace knee’d him from behind causing Adam to stumble forwards into Kelly. He reached out instinctively to stop himself from falling and crushing Kelly and Kurt beneath him. Adam was surprised to find his arms free, Grace had never taped his arms back. Before he could do anything with his newfound freedom, he felt her gun digging into the nape of his neck. 

“That’s right. You’re going to need your hands for this next part, but don’t you dare get cocky because I’m watching your every move darling and I can shoot you faster than you’d manage to find me.” Adam let his fists uncurl as he put his hands down, trying to find something to hold onto and steady himself. “Good boy,” Grace praised. “Now I want you both to cum in her. At the same time. Understood? And I bet that’ll take a bit of communication. Wouldn’t want to cum before your buddy, right? Don’t make me shoot your dicks off in disappointment.”

“Fuck,” Adam cursed angrily. Or at least that’s what he told himself as his hips slowly pumped into Kelly’s wet warmth. Kelly moaned beneath him and he was startled by their proximity, he hadn’t realized how close they were. If he leaned down just a bit further, his lips would probably brush against hers. 

Instead of doing that, Adam’s hands wandered tentatively downwards. Finding her knees, his hands traveled a bit higher to grip her thighs as he positioned himself better. With only his sense of touch to guide him, Adam keenly felt Grace’s invisible gaze on them and gritted his teeth to perform. 

Kelly’s back arched as Adam thrust fully into her, god she was so full. Unable to see, Kelly could almost lose herself to the sensations. She could feel the lengths of their cocks rubbing inside of her as Adam thrust his hips against her, his pelvis smacking against her engorged clit each time he buried himself in her. They felt so hot, like searing rods, and they were filling her so deeply she was sure to explode. 

Adam’s hands traveled up along Kelly’s body before resting atop her soft breasts. She gasped as he pinched her nipples gently, back arching up to press her breasts into his palms. Encouraged, Adam kneaded her breasts while flicking, pinching and pulling lightly at her nipples. His heart was racing as he tried to restrain himself. He was so desperate to cum, he just wanted to pound her pussy into the ground until he emptied himself in her completely.

Instead, he dipped his head down towards her breasts with a sighed growl of “Oh Kelly,” before his lips clamped hungrily around her nipple. His tongue had her wriggling as he thrust into her. So full, she was so full but they were reaching places she’d never felt before and oh god, she was going to burst from all the sensations. Kurt was gasping beneath her, unable to move besides simply enjoy the sweet torment of her warm hole squeezing down around him. 

“Fuck!” Adam gasped. Both Kelly and Kurt could clearly hear the strain in his voice. It was followed by quick, jerky thrusts as Adam fought with himself – struggling to keep a steady pace to cum together with Kurt while fighting his body’s need to empty his balls into Kelly’s enticing hole. 

“Adam,” Kurt’s voice was equally gruff, “don’t…ah, wai–, nnf…fuck…” His weak protests to Adam’s rapid thrusts died on his lips as Kelly’s spasming muscles milked his member. Buried deep in Kelly’s ass, Kurt could barely buck his hips further into her. He could feel Adam plunging into Kelly, each thrust filling her and making her squeeze down tightly on them. Kurt would’ve liked more movement but he was dangerously close to cumming already.

“I can’t,” Adam panted apologetically, almost a whined pleading. “Can’t hold on…FUCK, so close…fuck, fuck…”

Kelly was sandwiched helplessly between the two, only able to moan mindlessly as she lost herself to the overwhelming sensations. She could feel Kurt deep in her ass, his thick pole stretching her even as it pulsated and twitched. Adam was pistoning into her, the slight curve of his cock bruising her g-spot before his tip pounded relentlessly against her cervix – with her legs spread in this position he was able to reach so fucking deep…  

“S-so…rough,” she groaned. Her body felt so taut, so tense. Every movement made her toes curl in her Uggs as they brought her closer to cresting that edge. She wanted to throw herself off that cliff, to dive spiraling down into orgasmic bliss. But it evaded her – perpetually teasing her, keeping her desperate and wanting, but constantly denied that ultimate pleasure. She was simply being used, her satisfaction meant nothing.

As Adam’s pace quickened into a frenzy, Kelly was sure her insides were so stirred up she’d have to stay plugged forever or risk her insides falling right out! Beneath her, Kurt was bucking up into her and Kelly was…screaming. 

Screaming as the two pounded her mercilessly. Lost to their own desires, their needs outweighed common sense. Stripped of their sight, it was far too easy to believe that Kelly was just a tight hole to fuck.

They filled her so completely that she could feel their members thicken and pulse as they came. She felt their loads shoot through their urethra and fill her with molten liquid. Adam came first with a choked cry, followed by Kurt’s grunt before they shared the same relieved sigh. Kelly’s holes were still spasming, clenching and milking their cocks dry even as she lay whimpering between them, used and still teetering on that edge.

The following moments felt strangely like an eternity. Their panted breaths mingling as their hearts thudded loudly in their chests, all three feeling different levels of exhaustion and elation – an odd mix of rushing adrenaline and orgasmic relief. 

Adam staggered backwards a step. His cock sliding out of Kelly brought about another mixed chorus of moans from the trio. Kelly couldn’t help but twitch as she felt his load of hot cum drip out of her. Adam fell shakily to the floor, sitting as he could no longer trust his legs.

Catching his breath, Adam had an uneasy sinking sensation in his gut. They’d been so lost before, so blindly fueled by lust, they’d nearly forgotten their audience. But now, with only their heavy breaths breaking the silence…

Reaching up to rip off the duct tape covering his eyes, Adam blinked furiously as he glanced around frantically while his eyes adjusted.

Roger and Grace were nowhere to be seen. 

The trio would soon discover that not only were all the jewels on the table gone, but their shop’s front displays had been emptied as well.

“Fuck,” he cursed. 

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